Building a powerful email marketing strategy aids you to reach and connect with your desired audience in a personalized way and grow sales cost-effectively. Just as other means and media have changed, email marketing tools allow your brand the ability to reach consumers effortlessly.

Emails keep your audience informed about your offerings and offers. Your audience can check their emails at their convenience. It shows that you are still in their mind and not forgotten as you are keeping them updated. This email can be as simple as texting someone but keeping it a bit formal.

Also, most email marketing tools available in the market offer the ability to track what happens after you have sent out your email campaign. You can effortlessly track the delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates. This gives you a keen knowledge of how your email campaigns are working, which ones need improvement or need to be stopped, or which one is working great.

However, sending a lot of emails to customers who don’t like to receive once a week will see your unsubscribe rate increase. It’s all about understanding your audience and offering valuable content. 

For the ones who think about personalization, it is not a new concept in the world of email marketing trends. 

Email marketing enables you to personalize your message and customize them based on consumer actions.

You can also differentiate your audiences to make sure that the relevant leads are receiving the most useful information at the most effective times.

Probably one of the most valid reasons why email marketing is so vital nowadays is that your competitors are practicing it.

Check out some amazing reasons why you need Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing is cost-effective.
  2. Improving sales.
  3. Communicating with your audience.
  4. Increasing leads.
  5. Generate traffic to your website.
  6. You can automate the email marketing process.
  7. Provide more value to your customers.
  8. Personalizing  Email marketing content can help in better response rates.
  9. Email Marketing can be interactive.
  10. You can effortlessly track your email marketing efforts.

Look over some unbeatable email marketing statistics:

  1. 49% of consumers like to receive promotional emails. (Statista)
  2. 49% of users use mobile phones to view their emails(IBM)
  3. Adding video can  increase click rates by 300% (Snov Labs)
  4. Personalized subject lines provide a 50% higher open rate (Lifecycle Marketing)
  5. The average open rate for a “Welcome” email is 82% (GetResponse)
  6. 93% of B2B marketers use email to deliver content (Hubspot)

Email Marketing is even important when it comes to lead nurturing – sometimes it’s also referred to as email lead marketing. The motto here is that your potential customers are at different grades of your buying cycle. 

Building consumer personas can help you discover what kind of content to produce for each step.

Here are 15 techniques listed below to personalize your emails messaging:

  1. Sort your subscriber list and send personalized emails.
  2. Keep your email design simple.
  3. Choose the best data source
  4. Analyze the data
  5. Ask the relevant questions.
  6. Know your audience’s interest.
  7. Gather the appropriate data.
  8. Personalize your subject lines.
  9. Use subscriber tags.
  10. Build Customer personas.
  11. Use call to action in every email.
  12. Most importantly, accept replies.
  13. Try using locations and timings in your email.
  14. Easy unsubscribe method for least interested audience.
  15. Create landing pages according to your personalized emails.

Also, segmenting these customers into appropriate email marketing lists helps businesses target these groups more effectively. Users also require the details to move them further to the next buying stage; using the appropriate content can really work. The ultimate goal is to move this user down to your sales funnel – not with the hasty, but as efficiently as possible.

If you are planning to create a personalized email in 2021, you have to be more creative. Find the below rules that will help you start your personalized email marketing in 2021:

  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Use only relevant data
  • Keep it natural, human-like and friendly
  • Don’t be afraid to use casual style
  • Make use of personalization to form meaningful and trustworthy relationships with your patrons.

This email marketing strategy also can include seasonal offers, enabling you to market your offerings on any desired sale as per your convenience. But with all of these don’t forget to show the urgency for any offer – consumers are much more likely to buy when offers are ending soon.

Personal emails tend to engage and convert better as many people are turned off by overly sales messages and non-designed emails have a better chance of landing in primary inboxes. 

If you think this is helpful check out our outstanding services and offerings.  We understand our customers more in-depth and we find targeted ways to reach them through all compliances.

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