For every business around the globe, when it comes to lead generation, landing pages are the most important part of the plan. Despite how wonderful and meaningful your website is, if you really desire to make quality leads from your website, you will require to concentrate on the landing pages.

A landing page reclines at the bottom of the B2B lead generation funnel which builds the best marketing campaign. This is where consumers know more about your product or services.

Many B2B marketers normally influence traffic generated from paid campaigns to the generic homepage of the business site. Check out some reasons why it is the bad option to go for:

  1. Homepages are not created to convert. A normal homepage of a B2B website is created to introduce the brand or business not to convert. 
  1. Messages on the homepage are not targeted. A lot of customers look out for the brand and the main page of the website should be relevant for them and help them with whatever they are looking for. And it will help your buyers when you actually post the relevant message or content that can be beneficial for them.
  2. The homepage stay in the ratio is too low to convert.
    So the main reason for the audience not staying longer on the homepage can be because of a lot of backlinks or the links that are navigated to the offerings of your brand and business. So it’s not a matter of worry as you are already getting the traffic on your website and your offerings. Also, homepages are designed to drive traffic to the internal pages to more provide information, not for the conversion

Essential elements of a B2B landing page

There are few basic elements that you must add to receive great conversion.

  1. Header– The title is the primary piece people see when they visit your landing page. A landing page header should simply state the sales position of your offerings.
  1. Call-to-action button(CTA) – A call-to-action button is a button that leads the visitors to take any action that makes a conversion. 
  1. A lead generation form – A form is the most necessary element of a landing page as this is where the audience shares their details to get access to your offerings.
  1. Testimonials – In any industry customer testimonials are highly significant to win the trust of the new prospects visiting your page. Having two (or more) testimonials in the form of video or text can work great.
  1. Engaging content – Make sure that your audience gets all the information about the offerings but besides that, you should also assure that your content is relevant and the visitors are following your content till the end.
  1. Using Images and videos – Videos and Images enable you to show the value proposition and the idea behind the product in a visual form that can be very easy to understand for your buyers. So, make sure to use images or videos related to your offering.
  1. Thank you page: A landing page is a crucial element as a user submits their data, you want them to show what they need to do next to get the resource. A thank you page is a page you redirect visitors to after they submit the lead generation form by filling in their details. The main goal is to give visitors a link to the lead magnet they choose for or to guide them for the next step, or just to thank them for visiting your page and submitting the details.

Best practices to create high-converting B2B Landing pages

  • Clearly define your value proposition.
  • Use the Call-to-Action button.
  • Add a video.
  • Ask for relevant information in the form.
  • Make filling up the form easier.
  • Remove navigation bar.
  • Use your social media links or redirect buttons.

Reasons why you need landing pages:

  1. Generate Leads
  2. Collect Prospect Demographics
  3. Track Data
  4. Remove Distractions and Friction
  5. Test and Optimize
  6. Give Your Offers a Place
  7. Collect Demographic Information About Your Prospects
  8. Understand Which Prospects Are More Engaged

Key Components of an Effective Landing Page

  1. Title
  2. Body Text
  3. Keywords
  4. Social Platforms Buttons
  5. Navigation
  6. Lead-Capture/Conversion Form
  7. Image

Advantages of Landing Pages:

  • Capture and Convert Leads
  • Move Leads through the Funnel
  • Increase Keyword Rankings
  • Gain Quantitative Insights with Testing

Some meaningful 2021 Landing page statistics that you should know

  1. 77% of the top landing pages were home pages.
  2. 26% of landing pages convert on the average count.
  3. 8 out of 10 people will read your headline.
  4. Most landing pages have a conversion rate of 10% or less.
  5. Pages with only 1 CTA have 1.6% more conversion power than those with 2 or more.
  6. Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than a normal CTA.
  7. Featuring more than one offer on a landing page can decrease conversion rates by as much as 266%.
  8. 86% of the top landing pages are mobile-friendly.
  9. Around 16% of landing pages do not have a navigation bar.
  10. 48% of the best landing pages are listed in maps and organic listings.
  11. Landing pages that feature social proof convert 1.1% better than those that don’t.
  12. 36% of top landing pages feature testimonials.
  13. Using video content on landing pages can grow conversion rates by 86%.
  14. 60% of businesses state that A/B testing is highly valuable for them
  15. Suitable testing and targeting can help to increase conversions by 300%

Avoid neglecting and ignoring these stats and practices in your landing pages. By just looking at these 15 statistics you can get a better understanding of what you can do to improve your landing pages to boost conversions and increase your brand’s demand.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that landing page optimization is a critical factor that many businesses are lacking. If you are one of them and you need help with this, reach us directly at or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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