Today, the global marketplace has a lot of alternatives and great opportunities to offer both businesses and customers. With innovation and new technology, businesses can reach far beyond their physical boundaries to larger audiences. But when a foreign customer needs support or has any questions or queries, then what? Here, multilingual customer support comes into the picture. Nowadays, most businesses have English and a native language as an option in their customer support service. But do you think just two language options are enough? Below, we have discussed the benefits of multilingual customer support for businesses and customers.

Why Is Multilingualism Important In Business?

Communication between a customer and the business is important for both. For a business to flourish, it is important that the consumers are able to interact with it clearly. Below we have mentioned the 4 hardrock reasons to provide multilingual customer support:

1. Builds Trust and Loyalty

According to a study of 2014, “74% of consumers preferred to make purchases from a company that provided post sales service in their native language.” People feel more connected when they are able to communicate in their native language. By offering them multilingual support, you can increase the customer satisfaction level. This will also lead them to stick with your business for a long time.

A survey reported that “58% of businesses say that their customer brand loyalty increases if they offer customer service in the native language of their customers.”For example, if a foreign speaking customer comes with a query or problem and you have customer support available in their language. This immediately builds up their trust and loyalty in the long term.

2. Gain a Competitive edge

Let us consider that you are a customer and there are two companies. Supposedly, both of them offer similar services of comparatively equal value and assets. You have a query and  you need to contact customer support of both companies. You call one company and they have a representative available in your native language. So, you communicate your problem clearly and get all the answers. But the other company does not have multilingual customer support. Which company would you prefer in future? The answer is clear, of course the one with multilingual customer support.

Many people struggle with language barriers and therefore they want to avoid such problems. According to a survey by Business Insider, “66% of the consumers will pay more for a product because of the exceptional customer service from a company.” This shows that customer support service has a powerful impact on the consumers and their decision.

3. Expand your Customer base

Let us explain how multilingual support can help to expand your customer base. Think of a company that only sells laptops of similar size and features. But if the same company starts selling Tablets, PCs and other smart devices. Then, it will have an expanded customer base. The analogy is simple: the more you provide variety, the more people will come to you. Same goes for multilingual customer support service.

If you have multi language customer support, more people from different regions will prefer you. For selecting the languages to provide in your customer support, you can analyze your existing customer base. You can see which is the most preferred language of your customers and what native languages they have.

4. Boost Competence

The language barrier is a big problem between the customer and the business. For a smooth customer experience it is important that the communication between the customer and business is clear. The faster you can resolve the customer’s problem and move onto next, the better it is. If you take a long time to understand and meet your customer’s needs, then it decreases the customer satisfaction level.

If you have the representatives that speak and understand the language of your customers, it will increase the efficiency of your service. This will also reduce the time that your representatives spend with each customer. Having multilingual customer support is beneficial for both customers and business.

Facts To Keep In Mind

1. Your Website

A website is an overview of what a company has to offer. Therefore, it is important to invest in translation if you are going global. But do you think a simple translation will work?  Well, the answer is no. Localization is not just based on translation, it is more than that. You need to understand and honor the cultural values of a region. Your images, content and presentation should fit in the criteria and make an impact on the foreign audiences. You can pick up the local writers with experience to make your website content impressive.

2. Hire Native speakers if possible

If you have finally decided to offer multilingual customer service then you have to search for the representatives that speak languages included in your list. You will get many people who are trained in foreign languages but they won’t necessarily know the local terms and phrases. You don’t want your customer service to seem like a service but more natural. For this reason, you should try to hire native speakers if possible.

The Final Note

Nowadays, businesses want to grow and expand globally. For this, it is important that they are able to communicate with foreign audiences effectively. Therefore, building strong multilingual customer support services is vital. Offering multi language support service  also gives options to people for communicating in language they are more comfortable with. When people can communicate their problems in their mother tongue, it also adds an emotional connection. This makes them stick around with the brand longer and builds trust.

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