Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy is a process which involves a lot of different elements. First, you need to set goals, then reach your target audience, further nurture leads and convert them into customers. Moving forward, analyzing your data and making necessary adjustments is also important. Doesn’t it sound too much but don’t worry we will make it easy for you. The base of an effective inbound marketing strategy lays the foundation for the success of your campaign. Today, we will tell you the 5 simple steps following which you can create a robust inbound marketing strategy.

#Step 1- Create an Ideal Customer Profile 

The first step of your inbound marketing strategy should be to identify your target customers. It is very necessary to know who your target market is so that you can strategize accordingly. You should try to make an Ideal Customer Profile which is based on the characteristics that your ideal customer should have. Identifying and knowing your buyer’s personas help you to put efforts in the right direction.

Once you know who your target customers are then you can create content that will interest them the most. You must be wondering how you can make your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyers persona. Well, the answer is easy and you can do that by simply looking at your existing customers. See what customers are investing in you the most and are good to work with. By analyzing your customer base you can put together your Ideal Customer Profile

Making an Ideal Customer Profile will not only help you to know your target market but also the negative buyer personas. This way you can identify people whom you do not have to target and waste your efforts on.

#Step 2- Create Compelling Content and give Exciting Offers

Once you know who your target customer is you can identify their pain points and see what problems they are facing. Knowing these factors you can create a content strategy that can interest and attract them to your services. You can also use SEO tools to see what keywords your customers are using to find solutions to their problems. Doing keyword research can aid you in optimizing your content and attract your potential customers.

Make sure that the content that you are posting puts the customers at the center. Try to highlight your service as an all-in-one solution to their problem. Acknowledging their problem so as to make your customers believe that you understand what they are going through is important.

Also ensure that the content you are posting provides value, and information to your customers. This way you will establish expertise and undoubtedly they will share your content with their friends and family.

While providing value to your customers is important you should also try to convert your reader into a lead. But how can you do that? It’s simple if a user is on your website then he/she is interested in the information that you provide. You can further entice them to try your service by giving good offers. You can provide them with e-books or white papers in exchange for their contact information. Then, afterward, you can influence them according to the stage in which they are on in their buyer’s journey.

#Step 3- Make maximum Lead Conversion paths

Once you have decided what offers you can give, see where you can place the CTA button. Always make sure that your call-to-action button stands out and is easily visible to your customers. There should be a strong message on your CTA button that creates an urge for the visitors to click on it. Ensure that it is placed in the relevant position on the page and is clearly visible. Your call-to-action button should lead your visitors to a landing page or a form.

For further details and for future communication you should ask them to provide you with contact information. Make certain that you are not asking for too much information or else people will leave your form in between. After you get the contact information you can initiate conversations and send relevant emails.

#Step 4- Promote your campaign on Social Media

The most important factor about your inbound marketing campaign is that it should be found and visible to your target audience. For this, you should make your blogs and posts fully optimized for SEO. The keywords should be used properly and in the right density, The title and description tags should also be optimized and targeted. By doing this you can attract organic traffic to your website and get ranked on the search engines.

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Social media has become a new hub for Inbound marketing as people are very active on social media these days. Make sure that you are promoting your content and blog posts on social media platforms as well.

Create different types of impressive social media posts such as images, videos, and infographics, etc. Posting catchy and trendy content on social media helps to drive traffic to your website. Once people find something interesting they want to see and know more about it.

Different types of social media platforms have different influences. You can identify the platforms from where you get your maximum leads and then focus on them accordingly. Social media can be a great way to connect with Industry leaders and form business relationships.

Emails are also a good method to stay connected and keep your subscribers and leads updated. You can regularly send out Newsletters and information on new launch services or offers. This will not only keep you in the eyes of your leads or subscribers but also form new customers.

#Step 5- Nurture Leads To Convert Them Into Sales

Acquiring leads is easier than converting them into sales. The first step of your B2B inbound marketing strategy is to attract potential customers. However, after you have got their attention what’s next? You don’t have to stop here but you have to follow them up in their buying journey. You need to constantly communicate with them at each stage of their buying journey and keep them interested.

By providing relevant information and valuable content you can strengthen your relationship with your prospects. This will increase your credibility and push the leads ahead in the sales funnel. You can use emails, social media marketing, and direct sales outreach to nurture your leads. Having a good lead nurturing strategy is vital so as to ensure the maximum conversion rate. Aligning your sales and marketing team can also help in increasing the conversion rate and thus ROI.

Over to You…

Inbound Marketing campaigns are not only cost-effective but also provide good results. We have given above the 5 simple steps implementing which you can create a robust inbound marketing strategy. These steps will ensure that you are targeting the right audience and delivering the relevant message at the right time. Having a solid B2B Inbound Marketing strategy would deliver you highly qualified leads, greater conversion rates, and more revenue.

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