B2B Marketers target the challenges and interests of specific buyers and influencers in an organization. Today, B2B Marketers see old marketing tactics evolve and new trends introduced in the digital as well as the traditional form.

According to research, 74% of marketers are using web forms for lead generation and 49.7% of marketers say that web forms are their highest-converting lead generation tool. Lead Generation forms have become the main tactic for converting a visitor into a lead and further qualifying as a Marketing Qualified Lead or a Sales Qualified Lead. But, here is the trick to craft a landing page that is well-read with a thoughtfully designed conversion form. If the landing page is not interesting enough, then there is a high chance of losing a potential conversion. Here are five strategies that will help you create better forms for you to lead generation activities.

# Filling forms are boring! Make them interactive

Filling out forms are a no-no for everyone. Hence it is important for firms to appear non-boring, but still, do the same job it is expected to do. An attractive design, interactive UI, and transition effects can give your form an edge over a boring and simple text form.

# Lesser form fields to fill, the better

Short forms fare better than the rest. To make your lead-capturing process easier, your form should be simple asking for just the bare minimum details like name and email. The rest of the details will fall in place as and when the prospect moves ahead in the sales funnel. As per a study, the optimum conversion rate for a three-field form is 25%, but only 15% for a six-field form.

# Placement of form matters

According to a study, users spend 57% of their time above the fold. The advantage is to keep the form placed on the top part of the webpage. Users rarely scroll downwards

# Try different types of forms

Traditional forms are not the only way to capture leads. There are other types of forms like muti-step forms that allow prospects to fill the form in smaller chunks. You can strategically place pop-up forms that appear only when a prospect has shown interest. You can also a chatbot to your website to make your conversation more interactive.

# Get your privacy policies in place

Prospects often take a step back when it comes to sharing their personal information die to the fear of being bombarded with emails or calls. The best way around this is to unerringly provide your company policies related to privacy, defining how their personal information will be used and not disclosed. Its is important to comply with laws like GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA.

The key is finding a strategy that works for your target prospects, it all comes down to knowing your audience and how they interact with your business. If you are uncertain on how to increase your leads, VSynergize can guide you to make a breakthrough and help you scale your B2B marketing strategy. Contact us today via email at info@vsynergize.com or call on +1-732-481-9424

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