“To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business”.

Harvey Mackay

‘Sales’ is the foremost important factor of business that makes sales an interesting field to study. If 90% is product making then 10% is product marketing and without proper marketing the 90% just stands equal to zero. So, out of 10, 7% constitutes a great sales pitch!

Without letting your customers know what they have to do, the sales pitch is just ineffective.

Telling the customers what exactly to do without hampering their ego is an art. So, let’s see, what a great salesman does to give an effective sales pitch.

  • Body Language:

Body language is one of the crucial things you should take care. 80% of the sales depend on how you carry yourself. A smart prospect notices your every move. Even the slightest suspicion can break your deal. Try to relax and present yourself confidently. Don’t be in a hurry!

For ex: Avoid a loose handshake. Handshake tells a lot about a person. Similarly, a firm eye contact tells more about the confidence.

Most important part of this aspect is, walk the talk. Be ready with your next moves.

  • Make your product and customer Important:

Unless and until any customer connects with the product, the sales pitch continues. Understand that, a sales pitch is a tool to convince customers and not to boast anything baseless. If you find customers are getting perplexed, re-build the connection and keep them focused. There’s a sophisticated way to do this. Follow one rule ‘Keep them engaged’. Allow them to think on your words.

Secondly, make them feel important. Customers feel valued when they are allowed to express their opinions freely.

  • Educate Customers:

Next step is to educate customers. Keep your facts and figures handy in support to your talks. Express logic in your conversation. Customers greatly interact with logic. Answer their queries with an effect. First of all, try understanding their queries deeply. Sometimes you’ll meet a customer who’ll question you about ethics and may even not agree with your product. Keep calm at such conversations and respond positively. A great way of interacting with clients is to respond rather than react.

  • Be Noticeable:

Get noticed for being a good professional. Put forth your ideas step by step in a simple structure. Interaction is the best way to get noticed. When you appreciate your customers for giving their valuable time and provide them with worth of their time, you’ve won their trust! This can be helpful to you as the prospect will remember you for being courteous. You’ve not only helped them get with what they need but have also made them a potential client forever, for you.

  • End with a Rehash:

One of the last steps of an effective sales pitch is to end enthusiastically. Summarize all the points before the prospect in order to avoid any later confusion. Give a brief rehash by covering all the points of discussion and agreements. Let the customer acknowledge happily that whatever provided is to his fullest knowledge.


Being in a role of sales executive is a tough job. But with, proper knowledge of sales and its associated elements, almost every deal is your next closing!

Understanding psychological needs of customers is important and having a concrete conclusion over it is what makes you an all-rounder.

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