Three years ago, I was part of a project called XYZ. It is basically a local marketing agency and a new business venture for me and my friends. In the beginning, we had no idea about business. Deep down in studies, we were thinking that launching something new is going to get you new customers automatically.

Little that we know that leads are meant to be attracted – rather than imagined.

Long story short, our business venture didn’t work out in the start. However, it wasn’t our inexperience that held us back. It was our inability to see things clearly – and see why the customers we wanted were not clicking our ‘Contact Us’ button.

The greatest thing about this was a lesson that we all learned. The lesson about lead management – and what can one do to ensure a great customer journey. This guide improved our lead generation service in total.

1. See Where Your Leads Are Hiding

There is no worse thing than putting a vast amount of time and effort and coming up empty handed. If you have already done that and see no leads landing on your website, you should think twice.

Most of the times, there will be a logical explanation on quality traffic (and why you are not getting it). The goal is to identify your target market and research the exact hotspots where your leads are based.

For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, try attending conferences where small business owners gather. Or maybe step in direct contact with them and ask them about their business needs.

2. Effective Lead Generation Is All About The Customer

There are so many ways through which you can attract leads. You can do it by cold calling, sending emails or as simple as sticking posters in your local area. However, the best way to focus on effective lead generation is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

Everything that you do in your marketing should stem from your persona research. This should address the target market’s wants, needs, desires and fears – but also tell you what questions they have and how to help them achieve the desired outcome.

If you are not doing this well, you are making a mistake right from the start.

3. There Is An Issue In Your Website/Physical Location

Sometimes, things can go wrong on your end too. So, it is always wise to check your website, offline store or re-evaluate the consumer journey and how usable it is. After all, you are the one who best knows about your business and one who is able to pinpoint every single mistake.

Sometimes, you can even get the help of a tool such as the Google Analytics and run some user tests on your website to see how your visitors are reacting to what you are offering online.

4. You Need More Or Less Opportunities For Conversion

If you are struggling with conversion-rate optimization (CRO), your leads may not have the enough number of opportunities where they can convert. To fix this, you should direct your prospects and leads to something known as call to action.

Whether this is a button to sign up, a ‘Download’ sign or ‘Buy/Subscribe’ link, it should be well presented, well located and convincing. In reality, more than 75% of leads on your website are not ready to make sales and require a little more nurture time. So, why not give it to them?

Remember – Your Customers Always Want More Of You…

The final lesson to learn from this post is that lead generation, lead management and successful lead conversion is all about you – your business – and what are you doing to present yourself in the best light to your customers.

Today’s prospects want simple things. They want their questions answered and they want to learn lessons. If you give them something to learn from each time they visit your website or step through your doors – you already convinced them to try more, buy more or subscribe to your services.

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