B2B lead generation is the top most task on the priority list of the B2B marketers. With the advancement in technology and software, the lead generation processes are constantly evolving. There has been a rise in the outbound lead generation services as well. But unfortunately as the lead generation tactics are expanding so are the myths related to it. These myths might confuse the marketers in their B2B lead generation marketing. Keep reading the blog as we are going to squash the major B2B lead generation myths for you.

MYTH 1# Lead generation is about Quantity

The most common perception of the businesses is that more is always better. B2B marketers believe in collecting more and more contact information inturn which does more harm than good. What is the use of tons of leads in your list when only a few of them are going to close deals? The efforts of your sales and marketing team on so many leads will go in vain. However, the right way to go about it is to focus on the quality of leads rather than quantity.

B2B marketers should put their full potential on the leads which have a higher chance of closing deals. For doing this, the marketers should narrow down their lead generation list by prioritizing them. This way the sales and marketing team would make more efforts on the prospects that are close to making a decision. Nonetheless, another important thing to understand is that lead generation is about engaging with prospects not quantity.

MYTH 2# Cookie-Cutter Approach for Everyone 

There was a time when B2B marketers used the same approach for everyone in the buying journey. But with the advancement in technology and so many options for people to choose from. This same approach can’t work anymore. Now it is time for marketers to up their lead generation game. They can do this by understanding their audiences and knowing their needs, pain points and desires. This will help them in building a more robust B2B marketing strategy.

For turning a prospect into a customer is a long journey. You cannot make the same type of content for the consideration phase leads and the leads who are close to making a decision. Targeting your customers with the same B2B content strategy won’t work. The more personalized and targeted your content, much better results you will reap. You can do this by simply understanding where the lead is in the buying journey and crafting content accordingly. For example, for the lead which is at the end of the funnel, customer testimonials and case studies would be the right content for targeting.

MYTH 3# Social media doesn’t get you many leads 

In this pandemic times and digital era, social media has come up as a saviour. Nowadays, people are very active on social media platforms. Therefore, social media has become an integral and impactful part of marketing strategy. According to a report by BtoB magazine, “Social media marketing has helped in 49% of lead generation and 54% of marketing goals for businesses.”

Running social media marketing campaigns can be of great help. Often before making decisions people look up the website and social media profiles of the businesses. Having a strong social media presence makes you look more credible to your potential customers. You can get good results in your lead generation services by enhancing your social media marketing strategy.

MYTH 4: Website gets leads automatically 

Businesses tend to believe that creating a website is enough and it will get you leads automatically. But on the other hand it requires a lot of work for creating a robust website for lead generation. Your website is like an outlook of what your customers can expect from you. By offering content of value and smooth website experience you can build trust of your customers.

Apart from that you must optimize your website and add relevant keywords to improve your website ranking and visibility. Your website must have content that is interesting and engaging. This will help you to increase website traffic and improve your lead generation. Educating your customers and providing information about your business helps in spiking their interest.

For an effective lead generation, your marketing and sales team should do in-depth research. They should build a lead generation strategy that is tailored as per your prospective customers. To carry out a successful lead generation campaign it is important to identify the platforms and channels that work best for you.

MYTH 5: B2B Content Strategy should be focused on your Business

The major turnoff from a customer’s perspective is when a company constantly talks about their business. Nowadays, customers have got many options to choose from and just want the best for themselves. The main focus of B2B content marketers should be on what’s there for the customers. Remember, the point here is to make people interested and engage in your content.

For B2B content marketers it is vital that they create content which the audience can relate to and finds informative. The content marketing strategy should address the issues and pain points of the audience and tell them the solution. This will help them in making the right purchase decision and establish you as an expert.

MYTH 6: Contacting Leads Immediately 

Not every person that visits your website is going to close a deal. Most common mistake that lead generation services make is to consider every visitor as a lead. Sometimes people who visit your website are just there for information. The B2B marketers need to understand that and have an assessed lead qualification process.

Besides this, lead generation services B2B should know when to contact a lead. Not all the leads that enter your sales funnel are immediately ready to be contacted. When a lead is first acquired it is usually a cold lead. You should take time and make sure that they are familiarized and know about services. This is where lead nurturing comes into play. After that, you can contact the lead and push them one step further in the sales process.

Summing it Up

B2B lead generation marketing is constantly transforming with new technology and trends. The approach of lead generation processes have changed over the years. Now, the market is customer centric and the focus is on personalization. With the automation of lead generation marketing processes, the aim of marketers is to provide better customer experience.

Now even the insights of lead generation tactics are accessible with different lead generation tools. This makes it easy for the marketers to identify the loopholes and work on them. As the lead generation processes are becoming robust so are the myths related to them. However, if you find the best lead generation services then these myths won’t make any difference.

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