In any B2B lead generation process, educating the audience and boosting brand awareness is critical for business growth. Without providing prospective customers the required details, chances of them turning into customers always remain low. According to MarketingSherpa, 80% of new leads never turned up into customers. Reason? Ineffective lead nurturing.

Lead Nurturing software thus helps enterprises to streamline lead nurturing tasks to make the best from their brand awareness marketing campaigns. They play a crucial role in:

  • Educating the prospects
  • Building bond
  • Developing trust
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Boosting conversions

You thus need the best tools to create a unique business impact for enhanced business success. So, let’s dive deep and learn about those fascinating lead nurturing tools that can help you up your lead nurturing game.

1. Outgrow 

Interactive content is one of the most efficient ways to nurture leads. Why? Because 66% of customers believe that a consistent bond with the brand impacts their decision making and content plays a vital role in it. Outgrow lead nurturing tool enables you to meet this objective with its fantastic feature of creating unique, compelling, and interactive content.

This lead nurturing software helps you curate interesting quizzes, polls, surveys, ROI calculators, lead generation forms, and much more to gain the attention of prospective customers and create a better pull towards a brand. Its personalized content creation facet keeps customers engaged better and helps boost lead generation and conversion as well. It also offers end-to-end analytics to get deeper insights into your lead nurturing campaigns.

Moreover, this popular B2B lead nurturing software can be integrated with 1,000+ sales and marketing tools.

2. Hunter

B2B companies often invest their valuable time, money, and efforts to build comprehensive email lists for lead nurturing campaigns. But they often feel confused whether the emails they are working upon are genuine or not. Hunter helps you solve this concern. It checks email addresses via 67 million verified public sources and provides a confidence score to give you the genuine authenticity of each email address. It is a reliable tool, used by countless sales and marketing professionals all around the world.

Using Hunter, you can surely optimize the results of your lead nurturing campaigns through email marketing. As it ensures a good delivery rate that too amongst your targeted audience without any hassles. Now reach out to the right people with confidence and assured brand visibility.

Also, it offers a chrome extension and add-on for google sheets. Hunter has a repository of 200 million professionals.

3. SalesHandy

Our list of lead nurturing software would be incomplete if we do not tell you about the fascinating benefits of SalesHandy. It is considered as one of the best email automation tools that can help you run swift email nurturing campaigns without much effort. SalesHandy enables B2B marketers to auto-schedule email marketing campaigns with multiple auto-follow-ups. That too as per the recipient’s behavior. It provides the functionality of merging tags to personalize messages and thus helps increase response rate.

The great thing about this tool is that it directly drops emails into the inbox rather than showing them in the promotional tab. It provides metrics like email sent, open rate, clicks, bounce rate, subscription rate, and much more to help you gauge the performance of lead nurturing campaigns and help optimize future campaigns.

4. CallHippo

Communication is the core integral part of any lead nurturing or lead generation campaign. Telephonic medium is mostly preferred by enterprises to communicate with their prospects. But increasing phone bills, inflated tariffs, call-dropping, call echoing, voice compression, and poor quality network impact lead nurturing efforts.


CallHippo, a leading-edge cloud telephony system to manage voice-based business communications. Apart from solving listed concerns, this tool helps marketers in various ways.

  • Maximizes the effectiveness of outbound call campaigns
  • Improves the quality of customer engagement
  • Provides real-time data and Call Analytics feature for deeper insights
  • Provides Call Recording, Voicemail, Forwarding, and Interactive Voice Response options
  • Using its on-demand VoIP services, any organization can set up their call center within less than 3 min

It allows companies to buy instant customer service numbers from over 50 countries all around the world. That too by eliminating the complexity of setting up a physical customer support center.

5. Pipedrive

When it comes to optimizing lead nurturing outcomes using CRM, none can beat the aura of Pipedrive. It pumps CRM with qualified leads so that you can chase the right prospects for lead nurturing. From pipeline management, email integration, setting out activities and goals, sales reporting, sales forecasting, and powerful mobile integration, it offers salespeople everything to boost business growth.

Pipedrive is considered as one of the best lead generation tools available in the market. It enabled marketers to close $85B worth of deals for 95,000 companies spanning across 179 countries. The company assures 28% more sales using its automated sales enablement features. It automates 1M tasks each week to help achieve faster sales results.

6. LuckyOrange

Business websites play an important role in lead nurturing but how well-targeted audiences are connecting with websites is a conundrum that troubles B2B marketers. Lucky Orange helps you solve this puzzle. This B2B lead nurturing software gives you entire details of visitors to help you target them better to boost sales conversion. Facets that make this lead nurturing platform popular are:

  • Dashboard: You can check how many people are currently present on the website and how they reached your website. Get keywords, locations, tweets, referrers details, visitor behavior, etc., all in a single dashboard.
  • Recordings: It creates a recording of each visitor automatically, does segmenting based on your business criteria, and presents you the final video output to check why visitors are not converting.
  • Heatmaps: You can get visitor’s actions in one single picture to understand how they are interacting with your website. It enables you to segment this data by location, dates, mobile users, browser, etc.
  • Conversion Funnel: Helps you identify where people abandoned you while surfing. On which page, to be precise.
  • Form Analytics: You can understand which fields are creating hindrance to complete form submission, which is the most important aspect in website lead generation.
  • Polls: Empowers you to run poll campaigns to understand the pulse of targeted audiences.

As a website plays a crucial role in lead nurturing, analyzing such minute details and optimizing it with revamped and corrected measures can help you make the best from your website lead nurturing program.

7. ActiveDEMAND

This lead nurturing tool enables B2B marketers to track all touch points with prospects to know better about their buying journey. It ensures prospects do not fall through the cracks with its advanced marketing automation solution. Active DEMAND does call tracking, call recording, call lead scoring, landing pages management, social media integration, scheduled marketing, webinar management, CRM integration, email marketing, workflow automation, ROI tracking, autoresponders, and much more to make you best from your lead nurturing efforts. Its predictive marketing automation has won the hearts of countless B2B marketers who use its solution not just for nurturing but consider ActiveDEMAND as the best lead generation software as well. From small businesses to large enterprises, everyone admires the role this tool plays in achieving vertical growth.

Final Words

It is a well-known fact that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate more sales. That too at lower overall operating cost. It is thus important for every B2B organization to not ignore its importance. A carefully planned lead nurturing strategy using the right mix of lead nurturing tools and techniques can surely provide you better business outcomes. Not just in terms of good leads. But also in terms of increased sales and revenue growth outcomes.

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