Selling is about getting someone to buy your offering. The perfect place, to begin with, is by concentrating on how to select and develop your potential customers, that is in short called prospecting. Prospecting is a significant part of the sales process, as it creates the pipeline of potential customers available. 

Most sales professionals are concerned about prospecting as they relate prospecting with cold calling, but prospecting actually signifies contacting any type of lead for creating a new business, both warm and cold leads, with the aim of creating an appointment. 

According to the research manageable, stable, disciplined prospecting is the most important key to sales reach. The phone will never ring on its own; you must be active and dynamic with your efforts for prospecting.

Also, some people have the personality of being a good listener which is quite effective. If you are not one of them you should really master the technique of getting people’s attention. You can also utilize these simple steps to get your message across:

  • Highlight the highlights.
  • Mark what’s memorable.
  • Ask for attention.

It is also correct that cold calling has the least chances of success, but a lot of businesses do not offer their sales teams enough warm leads to keep their pipelines flowing. With the sophisticated sales automation tools, various sales reps still need to cold call as part of their prospecting works.

One of the greatest challenges of prospecting is the less success rate due to cold calling and. In which the prospect didn’t ask a  call from you and you are putting your own effort into reaching them. It can also be something interruptive or disturbing.

Are you finding your prospects skillfully? You need to put in your 200 percent to get a prospective reach. Check out these 8 most valid ways to get your prospects attention:

  • The Greeting

This is the most obvious step, but many sales reps underestimate it. The first impression is the most significant and positive one but can be negatively affected by an annoying phone persona. To be fortunate and well prepared with “the greeting” you need to first know that you require the notion that prospects desire to engage with.

  • Make use of time wisely

Your very initial call with a prospect can not always be the longer ones, and which is fine. Don’t try to hustle and cover up everything in a hurry with the dilemma in mind that prospects would hang up, keep it simple and composed, and also customize your message connecting to the prospect. What you are up to can be covered and explained in short mostly in 30 seconds or a max of 1 minute.

  • Provide value

By offering value to your prospect you are providing them a reason to care about what you’re declaring. When speaking with a prospect the value you offer should be in brief and up to the point. There should be always a standard theme as per the marketing efforts.

Effective value statements also include useful words such as increase, improve, gain, grow, maximize, enhance, and manage. These words assist and lead a better communication to the prospect.

  • Be curious

Curiosity outshines integrity when it comes to a sales pitch. Playing up curiosity over credibility can be challenging for salespeople. But if you manage and keep up your confidence and courage, you are sure to grab and hold your prospect’s attention.

  • Company/Capability Survey

The Company/Capability analysis is a big picture of how you can offer the value you just stated in your conversation. It is meant to increase your credibility. It answers the question, “Why us?” It is a statement or big picture of how you can offer the advantages you mentioned in them as per your overview towards the company and the capability that you can have to value them.

  • Manage your Endurance

Once you have a bit of conversation with your prospect there will be a sort of resistance. Here we mean to say that the prospect can express their disinterest, they are too busy, they might request more details, etc. This is only because we simply weren’t expecting your call and they are least interested to converse. 

Here you are supposed to control a situation and let prospects know that you are not the one to disturb them or waste their time. Instead, let them know the value you are there to provide them without irritating or disrespecting them. Make the negative appearance be the most positive one by showing your interest in their brand and business.

  • Qualify

Qualifying and appointment setting are two different things. An unqualified appointment sometimes can be easy but can be later cleared in a meeting that they are not interested in your offerings. This is something of a waste of your time and the prospect’s time well. Make sure that the meeting should be advantageous for both parties.

Talking about qualifying you can qualify a person’s interest in the general level of fit. Referring to a few key questions, you can understand that your offering is a valuable solution to the prospect or not.

Also if the criteria are not met, you should politely end the call, and remember to ask for a referral if any.

  • Set the Appointment

Ask for the appointment as early as possible, and make it effortless for the prospect as well. You should always offer the date and time to connect. Don’t offer a date that is too far. Also, ask if they want anyone in the loop to be added.

After you have booked the appointment, don’t hang up! Ask a few probing questions to help you collect more details about the prospect to make the sales call more productive.

Knowing one more thing that prospects can’t give you 100% attention always and that’s okay.

As we are also connected, sometimes distracted, or can’t pay full attention to things sometimes. So how can you expect the same from your prospect? They will not. Keep in mind that you don’t need their complete attention. All you need is the attention when it matters.

We understand that prospecting is a bit challenging but also the most necessary characteristic of selling. Skilled sales reps are also highly skilled prospectors with the incredible knowledge to carry on through high rejection rates. 

What you can do is make your sales pitch more relevant by underlining the highlights, marking what’s memorable, and asking for attention. And before your sales conversation begins, determine the key pointers you are aiming about. Make pauses in your conversations and be a good listener.

While concluding your sales pitch, ask them what are their foremost takeaways, and make updates in your message if something they are looking for is missing.

For simplifying your demands the outsourced SDR Team can accelerate the market and get geared to implement your Lead Generation Campaign. If you need assistance regarding SDR’s or lead prospecting reach us directly on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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