Account-based Marketing has gotten higher recognition, becoming the go-to framework for B2B companies. Account-Based Marketing is a planned method for marketing in which the time and resources completely pay attention to best-fit accounts that have high revenue potential.

As per the research, 97% of Marketers state that Account Based Marketing Services have the greatest ROI than any other marketing activity. So vendors, bloggers, and market research firms are fueling the revival of account-based marketing’s popularity these days.

As a B2B marketer, you need to learn how to use account-based marketing effectively for your lead generation strategies. So in this blog post, we have gathered the top Account-based marketing tips and tricks to follow in 2020.

Tips that can help you to begin with ABM

  1. Identify a list of target accounts
  2. Research each account
  3. Create relevant content
  4. Develop customized marketing campaigns
  5. Share content with the relevant audience
  6. Track the results

Personalization is a significant part of the Account-Based Marketing strategy, as it allows you to customize the innovative ways of messaging on the website to each of your target accounts. 

ABM has a great impact when attracting the buyers and influencers who are usually not conducting purchase research by themselves on the product or service you are trying to sell to them. ABM engages them towards your brand and services.

Benefits of using account-based marketing.

  1. Keep Marketing and Sales aligned.
  2. Personalized Marketing Approach
  3. Shorter Sales Cycles
  4. Maximize your business’s relevance among high-value accounts.
  5. Deliver consistent customer experiences.
  6. Measure your return on investment.
  7. Streamline the sales cycle.
  8. Expand business through account relationships.

When Sales and Marketing teams are aligned and focused on the same target account, they put more resources into engaging with a B2B buyer and quite fewer activities that do not move the buyer from one stage to another.

Not only does Account Based Marketing Agency help align sales and marketing teams and generate a positive ROI, but it’s also been proven to increase revenue.

Also, 80% of marketers with an Account-Based Marketing program in place say they are “somewhat too tightly” aligned with sales.

Empowering you to strike, attract, and develop connections with great audiences and organizations, ABM can operate as a compact stand-alone tactic, but uniformly can integrate with, and promote different marketing ventures. However, while techniques to lift Account-Based Marketing have expanded considerably, only companies with a specified plan and process will be positioned for success.

8 Tricks for an effective Account-Based Marketing

  • Define your target account criteria

In ABM, the motto is usually to spread awareness and engagement with the decision-makers in your target lists. For doing this you will have to first understand what that accounts and decision-makers are, as well as their attributes like the (revenue, location, size, etc).

Once you have a clear understanding of the accounts/verticals/individuals you are seeking for, work to develop a selected target who fit those parameters, who you can begin to raise awareness with.

  • Set campaign goals

ABM goals often include; quality account generation, decision-making unit, contact increase, and revenue expansion within the certain accounts. To stay on track, it’s significant to define what progress will look like for your campaign from the outset; taking into consideration the quality action or grown awareness in key accounts.

  • Follow and attract the desired accounts on social media

Social media gives marketers direct access to their audience. Once you have developed a list of main ABM target accounts you can find all the desired audience accounts on social media platforms.

  • Know your go-to-market approach

It’s important to understand the level of insight and maturity your organization has, to define the best ABM program approach. Your progress with sales and marketing and alignment, current ABM strategy and account selection process, level of insight, content personalization abilities and more will all impact the right go-to-market approach for your business.

  • Use personalized email campaigns

Email marketing performs more useful when it’s personal. Emails with a personalized subject line get clicked and seen 26% more, and businesses that use segmented lists to grow relevancy for their recipients have seen a 760 % rise in the profits from email marketing.

  • Highlight target accounts in your content

When you are planning to create new content, look for possibilities to provide a positive mention to your target prospects. Know that if one of the greatest contacts of a brand you wish to work with would make better use for an upcoming content post. Or you can use them as a great example in any of your content to just grab their attention towards you and make them feel great about it.

  • Align your sales & marketing

The responsibilities between sales and marketing teams increasingly cross over. Also in ABM, both sales and marketing must have a clear idea of goals, target accounts, and activities required for campaigns to progress.

  • Review and report regularly

ABM can only be productive when the process is continuously monitored with a personalized marketing strategy that brings clear ROI.

Also constantly observing and measuring these factors – and comparing them with non-ABM results and activity can all indicate ABM’s success.

A lot of ABM tricks will require dedicated sources to every contact in your account. That can be quite a hard method. But if the accounts you target are highly valuable, then shifting your mindset to embrace ABM that can pay off in better leads that convert at higher rates and bring in more revenues.

According to ITSMA research – 87% of marketers that can measure ROI assume that Account-Based Marketing beats every other marketing investment!

Account-based marketing is nothing new.

Extremely targeted sales and marketing campaigns have always achieved greater than generic or non-targeted campaigns. However, it does require a new way of thinking.

As a marketer, you are not only just measuring the number of reactions or the number of website visits and leads. Instead, but also tracking the activities and engagement from every single account.

It can play a key part in driving relevant, high-value opportunities, reducing churn, and shortening B2B sales cycles.

Also, VSynergize Account-Based Marketing solution allows you to generate higher click-through rates and web engagement. Reach us now to get a free consultation to perform Account-Based Marketing for getting new leads with existing customers. Connect us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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