A marketing funnel can be called as the process by which the prospects become the customers. The sales marketing funnel is basically divided into three stages: awareness, consideration and decision making. A B2B marketing gets narrower to the end as the number of the leads at the top of the funnel is less than conversion rate.However, there are many tricks and tactics that you can use to improve your marketing funnel. Nowadays, you can get a lot of tools and software in the market that can help improve your marketing funnel. Read the blog till the end to know the amazing 10 tools to improve your sales marketing funnel.

Top 10 Tools To Enhance Your Marketing Funnel 

According to a report, “An average time people spend on a webpage is only 15 secs.” This means it’s very important to grasp the attention and interest of the visitors in those few seconds. In this section, we will tell you about the top 10 tools that can enhance your marketing funnel.

1. Canva

When it comes to marketing and designing website content, you need a lot of creative images. But as you know, using professional tools like Adobe, Luminar requires knowledge and a lot of work. Doing this is not possible all the time, so what’s the solution? Well, you can opt for an easy graphic tool called Canva. It is a design tool with a user friendly interface and has many different beautiful design templates. You can create website images, promotional posts, infographics in just a few clicks and you don’t require any professional knowledge as well.

2. Typeform

Often people might visit your website or see your social media post but won’t respond or click on it. Another way to get your prospects involved is using some interactive and interesting content. There are various approaches that you can use for it such as conducting surveys and quizzes. People find them engaging and most of the time they give answers.

Creating surveys and quizzes with a smooth interface might seem difficult. But worry not, there is a tool available for it which will make everything easy for you. Typeform is a simple and useful survey creator with good templates and analytics. You can use it to create artistic surveys and quizzes.

3. Leadpages

To build your marketing funnel at each stage you should create well designed landing pages. Good landing pages can help you to both collect leads and secure more deals. Some of the B2B Marketers believe it takes a long time to create landing pages so they simply don’t do it. However, this really isn’t the case and you can craft highly converting landing pages with some easy tools and softwares.

One of the best tools for crafting highly converting landing pages is Leadpages. It has a variety of features such as landing page layouts, pop-ups and Facebook ad builder etc. Not only this, it offers mobile responsive themes, unlimited A/B testing, drag and drop page building and vast themes to choose from.

4. Funnelflows

Everyday the B2B Marketers get loaded with tons of information about the visitors and the potential customers. It might be so that a prospect visit your website and a few weeks later returns to make a purchase. This information gets messy over time and it becomes difficult to keep the record. Here, the funnel mapping comes into play. Funnel mapping can be defined as a visual representation of sales funnel including stages, lead magnets and traffic sources etc.

Creating a sales marketing funnel might sound easy but it isn’t when it comes down to little details. However, you can make this task effortless by using the Funnelflows tool. It can help you to build and create visual representation of a marketing funnel with a variety of ready-made elements.

5. SendinBlue

According to a report, “Emails can help increase the conversion rate by more than 14%.” Emails are a great way to connect and communicate with potential customers. But sending welcome, notification and informative emails is quite a time consuming process. However, you can automate and ease this process with various email marketing automation tools.

SendinBlue is noted under the best email marketing automation tools. It can handle various tasks such as autoresponder, automate email follow ups, and nurture email sequences.It can help you to send bulk emails at a decided time, track analytics and much more.

6. Snitcher

Generating leads is a difficult task and if you miss out on information then that’s worse. Snitcher is a tool that can help you in assisting that. It actively identifies the visitors, let’s you know how they found it and what they were looking for. You can also segment the visitors based on their attributes and actions that they performed on your website. Also you must keep in mind that the people who haven’t left their contact information might not be interested in your business. In case you approach them then avoid being pushy as this way you won’t ever get a response from them.

7. Elementor

Do you want to build landing pages and pop-ups with much convenience? Elementor is an easy tool that can help you with that without any coding experience. It has an easy drag and drop feature and allows you to create custom forms. It also helps to collect and store relevant data and information from the prospects. You can then use this information to personalize the buying journey of your potential customers. More the customer satisfaction, the more will be the conversion rate.

8. Wishpond

Mostly B2B Marketers are focused on what they put out there but it is also necessary to focus on user generated content. You can take the interactivity to a whole new level and conduct various contests. People love social media and they are very active on it. Running social media contests can help you gather more contact information for your sales and marketing team. Wishpond is one such tool which can help you to craft different contests and video content etc. By putting out offers, coupons and contests, you can attract new customers and increase your ROI.

9. Funnelytics

Keeping track of what all is happening and the entire funnel is quite a duty. Funnelytics is a tool that can lift off this burden from your shoulders. You can easily design and construct a sales marketing funnel with its drag and drop feature. If you even don’t want to do this much work you can opt for various templates available and customize them. Having accurate and structured data can help you to strategize better and deliver the best customer experience.

10. ActiveCampaign

Imagine your emails getting delivered automatically while you are not sitting around doing it. Well, you don’t need to imagine that it’s actually possible. ActiveCampaign is one such email automation tool that can help you to schedule bulk emails and send them at one go. It is among the most popular marketing tools and approximately 60,000 companies use it all over the world. It can help you to send personalized emails based on activities like email opens and link clicks etc. ActiveCampaign can help you to keep your data structured and set up the whole nurturing sequence.

The Key Takeaway

Creating a sustainable sales marketing funnel requires consistent efforts of the B2B Marketers. However, there are certain tactics and tools that they can use to optimize the process. Each stage of the funnel has different leads and specific problems. Using certain software and tools can help to simplify the sales marketing funnel management process. We hope that you would use the tools and softwares that we have mentioned above to improve your marketing funnel.

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