Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo…….. Thanks to globalisation, diversity of languages has been observed growing across continents.  In a global consumer-facing business, there’s no question that one  must speak the language of your customers, wherever they are.

Efficient and excellent customer support is at the core of any successful business, which also means communicating across language barriers. Being able to speak to a customer in their own language establishes a trustable relationship in the purchase cycle.  As per reports, 74% of customers were more likely to purchase from a company that offered post-sales support in their language and over 58% of businesses that offered multilingual support had customers that were more loyal to their brand. This requisite has made companies implement multilingual customer support to keep up with the competition and to maintain a client-customer relationship.

Why the focus on multi language support? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of those who speak a foreign language at home, 25.6 million(41%) said they speak English less than very well, which causes significant complications for both the customer and the customer support interaction. Research says customer support centres receive calls from 60% non-native language speakers.

But delivering support in multiple languages is definitely much harder than delivering a product in various languages. The decision of which language to offer when – timezone related, on-demand or round the clock, should be backed by a thorough existing customer analysis and key target markets. If customer support is your point of difference or is an important to your product or service, then multilingual customer support is the way to go, considering key markets and depth of presence.

At VSynergize, our multilingual customer support service allows companies to gain knowledge into previously untapped markets and gain customer insights. Our team currently services in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic languages, that work with numerous clients and campaigns. Our multilingual support team helps business with: personalized customer experience, better conversion rates, lower call attrition and reduced operating costs.

We offer scalability for seasonal surges and business expansion, which guarantees faster resolution time since there is no time lag in finding interpreters for both sides to understand each other. With each language and country we cater to, we calso

With each language and country that we work on, different challenges arise, especially when it comes to time differences and how our telemarketers find solutions. We work with the understanding of the specific country work hours and effective times to speak to the customer. Be it French or Mandarin, we put in dedication and commitment that sets us apart from other multilingual support companies.

With our diligent team, we can help your business span across the globe and ensure that customers have country wide support; knowing that we can start a new campaign as per marketing and sales needs. We work flexible to keep up with day to day changes in demand and client needs to guarantee that we give the best service possible.

If your strategy is to trade only with people that speak English that’s going to be a poor strategy.

As a marketing company with over 17 years experience in multilingual customer support, VSynergize can get you started in 24-48hrs and help you leverage untapped markets.  Contact us today via email at info@vsynergize.com or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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