For business growth, it is important that new prospects get interested in closing a deal with you. However, you can boost up this process by putting out a robust content marketing strategy. Content is one of the best ways to attract new audiences and create demand. According to a report by CMI research, “77% of the B2B Marketers use content marketing strategy for demand generation.” Keep reading the blog as we will give you the best content marketing tips for B2B demand generation.

Best B2B Content Marketing Tips for Demand Generation

B2B content marketing is all about grasping the attention of the audiences and pushing them ahead in the sales funnel. To create demand with content you can use two simple ideas: First, you have to make your audience believe they have a problem, and second that your solution will fix it. You can use various forms of content such as blogs, infographics, and videos etc for different stages of the sales funnel. Now, have a look at the best B2B content marketing tips that you can utilize in your demand gen strategy.

1. Publish Research, Reports, and Whitepapers

In B2B domain, building the trust of the clients is one of the greatest challenges. You have to make them believe that the services you provide can do wonders for their business. You can post your research, business reports, and whitepapers. For example, you can publish a research report that shows the numbers of leads that a business had priorly and how your service helped them. When you publish your business reports and research, it helps to build the trust of prospective clients on your business.

2. Focus on creating SEO based content

Every business wants its website to pop up when someone searches for something related to their business. For that to happen it is important to use SEO tools and know the popular topics. The best way to get a higher ranking by the search engines is to use relevant keywords in fair density.

As you know the keywords and popular searches keep changing. Make sure that you publish different types of content regularly following the SEO best practices. However, don’t expect miracles from SEO as it generates great results over time.

3. Post detailed Infographics

Infographics are a great way to display and explain information. Infographics are the second most effective content for creating B2B demand after the blogs. For creating infographics you don’t need to go to other websites or sources. You can simply use your existing data and records to make infographics and timeline graphs.

When you create infographics based on your data and business records, it helps to establish the credibility of prospective customers. People tend to believe you more when the information provided is accurate and from your sources.

4. Host Online Webinars

Post pandemic hit, the businesses had to shift more toward the digital platforms. Webinars are a good way to connect with prospective customers and avoid in-person meetings. Also webinars are close to real meetings and you can easily educate and pass on useful information to prospects. Apart from that, you can clear prospective customers’ doubts, queries, and questions in webinars. It will help to push them ahead in the sales funnel and increase the sales conversion rate.

5. Distribute buyer guides

A buying guide is a simple way to define the purchase pathway for potential customers. It basically works like a salesman and explains prospects what plans would be the best and most helpful to them. It also explains the different situations in which the solution will be beneficial.

The buyer’s guide works best for the bottom of the funnel leads who are close to making decision. This is the stage where buyers are deciding if the solution is really helpful and if they want it. The buyer’s guide also let the prospects know about the budget and how much they need to invest. They can compare their goals and see if the service will be actually helpful to  them.

6. Use Video marketing

Which is the best form of engaging content? Yes, you guessed it right it is videos. Nowadays, video content has started getting a lot of attention from both B2B Marketers and consumers. According to a recent study, “86% of the businesses are using video marketing for demand generation.”

Creating personalized B2B videos can help you stand out from your competitors. Videos are a good way to explain chunks of information that would otherwise be mundane to read. According to research, “79% of customers would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than reading one page text.” You can publish your video content on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.

7. Add Interactive content and tools

As technology is advancing, the hopes and expectations of people are also rising. You cannot serve customers ordinarily as now they just want the best for themselves. To grasp the attention of the audience you need to introduce new concepts and do things differently. You have to go beyond the traditional content practices and create interactive content pages and tools.

You should focus on providing value to your visitors and prospects by adding interactive content and tools. For example, you can add a simple ROI calculator to your website. This way your prospects will know how much benefit they will get by closing a deal with you.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a good platform for not only creating awareness but for generating demand as well. Today’s B2B Marketers understand the importance of social media marketing. However, for businesses maximum B2B leads come from the LinkedIn platform. Well, this doesn’t mean that other social media platforms don’t contribute to lead generation.

You can research and understand what type of content performs best on a particular social media platform and post accordingly. For example, LinkedIn users tend to prefer long-form content like informational blogs or inspirational posts. So you can post such type of content regularly on your LinkedIn business profile. The images and infographics work best for Instagram therefore you can craft similar content. You can create your business social media profile based on the research and data.


Most B2B marketers focus on lead generation through content marketing strategy. But they soon start struggling in that as educating and generating demand are equally important. A balanced strategy is required for both lead and demand generation results. The B2B Marketers should first inform and educate their audiences through content. Then, tell them about how their  solutions can help to fix the prospects’ problem. You need to understand and serve your prospective customers based on their buying journey stage.

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