Content Syndication has been used by the B2B Marketers due to the potential benefits it provides. Since the pandemic hit the world the performance of B2B digital channels have improved. People are spending more time on the internet searching, shopping or learning something interesting. According to research, “Intent driven content syndication solutions generate five times more revenue than the previous one.” Clearly this shows an improvement in the performance of content syndication in the market. However, there are many other factors that have contributed to the comeback of content syndication. We will discuss them first and then tell you how you can make content syndication work for you.

Comeback of Content Syndication 

There are many factors due to which the content syndication is on the rise again. We have discussed them below.


The pandemic has caused a huge loss to B2B organizations. To fuel their sales pipeline just carrying out digital events isn’t enough. B2B marketers are constantly looking for different ways to fill up this void. Implementing content syndication programs has proved to be beneficial in this process.

Inbound marketing can’t take up the load

Traditional inbound marketing methods don’t seem to cope up with the challenges that are arising due to pandemic. Alone inbound marketing ways can’t meet up the new businesses needs. Also scaling the results of inbound with the combination of  Account Based Marketing is very difficult and expensive.

Content Syndication has evolved

Content Syndication services are not the same anymore. They are far more advanced and better than they were a few years ago. Content syndication tools have not only the ability to generate leads but also lead data governance technology. All these added features have made B2B marketers see value in content syndication programs.

Intent data for Content Syndication

Intent data has many uses and can be used by both marketers and B2B content syndication vendors. This has increased the level of targeting and precision. The intent signals help to identify the accounts which are in the active buying journey. It also highlights the content which is most likely to be relevant to those accounts and at different geographic locations. Content syndication in combination with Intent data can help better customer experience. Along with that it can increase the conversion rate as well.

How to make Content Syndication work for you

To create a successful content syndication program the B2B Marketers should take a few steps. This will ensure that your B2B marketing efforts are put in the right direction and are not wasted.

1. Develop right target account lists  

B2B Content syndication services offer you an advantage of selecting the accounts that you want to target. But you must do this selection process carefully and select the right accounts. To do this you should first make an Ideal Customer Profile and buyer persona. This way you will know the attributes that an ideal customer should have and select the right accounts to target.

Apart from that you should look for the accounts that are actively searching keywords and topics related to your business. Doing this will help you to develop the right target account lists for your content syndication program.

2. Target right personas

Often most of the B2B marketers think the higher the title, the more valuable the account. However, that’s not always the case. An executive may have the decision making authority but they aren’t the right persona to target through content syndication. There are many reasons to it such as:

  • Executives may not fully understand the problems that your solution solves. Therefore, the chances of them prioritizing your service is very less.
  • Usually the executives rely on their subordinates to come up with recommendations and solutions. Reason being the fact that they have better knowledge and expertise to understand and evaluate the options.
  • If you target the high job titles then that can increase the cost per lead. Thus, affecting your ability to target and have better account engagement.

If your solution is something that also targets the pain points of the executives,  it would be right to target them through your syndication program. Or else you should first target the personas that understand the problem and know the value of your solution. Targeting these individuals will be more effective than targeting the executives directly. They will become your internal supporters and would help to convince the decision makers. For execution of a successful content syndication program you must develop target persona profiles.

3. Relevant content according to the buyer’s journey

B2B marketers are often neglectful about the content that they are using for their syndication program. However, to lead a successful content syndication program you must select the relevant content according to the buyer’s journey. By using the intent data you should segment your content syndication program based on target accounts research topics and activities.

Content syndication is good to familiarize the top of the funnel leads about your business services and solutions. The type of content that you can use to target them can be as follows:

  • Educating the target audience about the current market challenges that they are facing.
  • Telling them how they can improve their situation and make more profit.
  • Briefly introducing your brand and how you can help them solve their problem through your advanced solutions.

You can also use content syndication programs to target the middle of the funnel leads as well. This is typically better for the large established companies that have solutions for well established product categories. Also for the companies that are focused on differentiating from other companies based on their offerings.

For both top and middle of the funnel target accounts you should create a content map. This will help you to ensure that you are targeting your audience with effective and relevant content.

4. Have a Nurturing and follow up process

Content syndication leads are not the same as the ones generated through websites. These leads are just engaging with your research, ideas and content. They are at the initial stages of their buying journey and should be treated like that. You need to nurture them with relevant content before the sales representatives contact them.

If you are using intent data to identify the target accounts for your content syndication program. Then, you must map out what type of content and messaging to use in your nurturing strategy. When your content syndication leads start engaging with your content more and have a high intent score. You can then send them to your sales representative for follow up and conversion.

Summing It Up

B2B Content Syndication is coming back on track and can give your company enhanced results. Due to both new circumstances and technological advancements. It can help B2B marketers to fuel up the sales funnel. However, content syndication can work best for the marketers who have a robust content marketing strategy. To carry out a successful content syndication program you must make your marketing efforts in the right direction.

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