B2B Lead Generation Trends That Will Boost Your Conversion

B2B Lead Generation Trends That Will Boost Your Conversion for 28% in 2018

Marketing is evolving every day which means that new tactics should always be used and of course, b2b lead generation trends are changing and so does the audience behavior. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends will most likely help you generate leads and convert them. If you don’t want spending time and resources that aren’t good for your business, you should aim higher in 2018 and learn how to improve.

  1. Audience behavior shifts as quickly as technology innovations. So that is why is very important to study well your target audience and better understand their needs, goals and challenges. You should think more about addressing your target groups with a new innovative product or new service offer.
  2. The most common B2B strategy for lead generation in 2018 is probably creating an e-book. A decent e-book can serve as a good sample for education purposes of your business. You can make it from scratch or just gather a bunch of related articles. They are easy to make and are pretty affordable.
  3. Make a podcast. A podcast is a digital audio file that is educational and you can email it to your potential audience just as any other content. It’s like an article but spoken. It’s a good way of sharing your content and provide a good marketing for your business.
  4. Give free consultation or advice. By doing this you give the opportunity to learn more about your business. Signing up for a free consult means that a lot of new leads are generated and you can push them through the b2b sales funnel.
  5. Creating videos is a very good idea. Do not neglect them. Via video you can communicate your message in a very clear way. It doesn’t have to be long. Two or three minutes tops can capture what you want to say in a way that one text cannot. One thing to keep in mind is that your videos should be entertaining and relevant.
  6. Make sure that you give your target audience a chance to sign up for your blog. By doing that, you give them a chance for email exchanging and sharing daily your new content. Subscription is a good way if you want to easily generate b2b leads .

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