BANT is basically the fundamental checkboxes you need to confirm with a prospect at the start of the sales process to ensure that the lead aligns with your company, including:

  1. Budget
  2. Authority
  3. Need
  4. Timeline

BANT is the best method for sales qualification because it takes the lengthy, complicated, messed up process of getting to a sale and process it, and ensures that you can eliminate the key roadblocks in your sales journey. 

All lead qualification strategies are designed to help sales reps decide which leads to moving forward with and which ones to move back to the top of the marketing or sales funnel.

BANT helps qualify prospects by identifying if they have the budget for your products and services, who the decision-makers are, how important solving the problem is, and identifying a timeline for making a purchasing decision.

Normally, BANT applies to almost all different types of buyer personas so it’s the simplest framework to use for almost any sales organization.

Moreover, the sales and marketing teams align and qualify leads to be more fruitful and form a great lead management workflow.

Here are a few questions we consider when using BANT for Leads Qualification:

  • Budget
  • Do you have a dedicated budget for new technology purchases? What is that budget?
  • Are you bestowing your budget with any other departments?
  • If you had zero budgetary constraints, what would you do?
  • Authority
  • Are you a decision-maker?
  • Do you currently use any products similar to ours? Do you anticipate any overlap or redundancies?
  • How have past products been received? Is your team receptive to change?
  • Need
  • Tell me about the most frustrating part of your job. How long has this been a frustration?
  • Do you currently have plans to address these issues?
  • What, if any, roadblocks do you anticipate?
  • Timeline
  • What other issues are you facing? What’s your priority in resolving the issues?
  • When are you looking to solve your problem?

A lead that meets a minimum of 3 or 4 BANT norms is feasible, though each sales team may decide what a viable lead looks like according to them. BANT leads are initially examined from a budgetary point of view.

Also if you don’t ask questions with real interest while actively listening, then you will fail in fortunately qualifying your BANT leads. 

No doubt, BANT is a discovery in the process of sales. Its an evergreen sales qualification framework. So the key is to reinvent BANT to fit into the modern sales process, which lies in the ability of the sales representative to consistently innovate and adapt to the changing trends.

BANT helps to reduce the element of wonder as your sales team becomes more and more experienced at finding suitable leads in a crowd of potential opportunities. And if you find your leads are not working well, don’t worry we can help! As we continue to refine and define a customer profile of what a thriving buyer looks like, the lead qualification process becomes more refined.

While we are highly profiling these leads, we also use lead scoring, which is sometimes separated into tracking and classifying according to the profiles, depending on your target market.

At the same time lead scoring merits all the prospects, VSynergize also uses the list segmentation to divide the list based on lead score and profile attributes.

But simply identifying these highly-qualified leads isn’t enough. We need to fuel the pipeline and move some of the less-qualified leads into our “highly-qualified leads” segment. For this, we use nurturing campaigns.

We also identify leads that are still not in the “highly-qualified leads” segment. Perhaps they are a good fit but haven’t yet engaged due to lack of reach. So, we try targeting based on certain interests and requirements.

To make use of BANT prosperously, adapt it to each customer you come across. Customize it and then accomplish it into your sales process.

To track productivity, make sure your sales pipeline is exclusively maintained. Confirm that it tracks all the metrics you need. With a high-quality sales pipeline, you will be able to update your sales cycles and you will be more knowledgeable about your sales and sales process.

VSynergize delivers BANT Qualified Leads that unfold possibilities for the audience to engage new sets of target buyers. We help you in achieving all of this below:

  1. Doubling up the number of closed deals. 
  2. Meet best-fit accounts and highly qualified prospects.
  3. Set appointments for the Client’s team to further discuss and customize a solution for the prospect. 
  4. We deliver a continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities.
  5. Help you in knowing who the most viable prospects are in the market.
  6. Focus on the right decision-makers in each of the targeted organizations.
  7. Help you in improving sales team effectiveness. 
  8. Get more likely revenue growth towards your business.

BANT is a great time-saver for qualifying leads over the phone or in the face to face meetings. Its full power is wide open, however, to leverage marketing automation. When the entire team of yours knows the BANT agenda and implications, you can set up it into the qualification process driving on your website.

Salient Points

  • Qualifying a lead is the method of showing whether a lead meets the requirements to purchase your product or service.
  • Qualifying a lead aids you to save time and money.
  • Find whether the prospect meets the demographics for your product and whether your lead is a decision-maker or not. 
  • A lead can also qualify during a cold call, or sales presentation, or both. 

When you are ready to shift your sales model and focus on your high-quality prospects, VSynergize is all set to help you get prospects through the BANT qualification process effortlessly. 

With our BANT services, we effectively identify the right leads for you, separating them from the lost causes and allowing you a very strong Sales opportunity. We tailor-make our approach to suit the prospect rather than using a cookie-cutter approach.

Also, we feel pride in delivering the highest quality leads, no matter your business goal, target audience, or company size is. For more assistance directly reach us at +1-732-481-9424 or email at  

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