Before we go ahead with ‘how’, let’s figure out ‘why’ first. Go for outsourcing because it will unburden you from your extra fixed investment which does no yield you desired returns. Go for it because it will help you diminish your cost and at the same time upraise your quality. Go grab it because you need to be in sync with the trend to survive in the market.

Now coming to the how part, here is your perfect guide to getting started with outsourcing.


Figure out what you need to outsource. There is a misperception that outsourcing is only done for operational work. But in the present scenario businesses are outsourcing their major processes. Staff augmentation and digital marketing would be perfect examples of major role outsourcing. Every organization has its own set of problem areas and today businesses are blessed to have outsourcing services available for every major and minor need. Analyze all your business processes and chalk out the services that you believe will prove to be more beneficial in the long run, if outsourced.


Plan your budget. Cost is the major concern. Apart from seeking experts’ assistance, your motive is to minimize cost as much as you can. Sit with your finance department and obtain the exact figures that you have been spending or you plan to spend on the processes that you have selected for outsourcing. Ideally your target should be to cut down those figures to half their present values. Set your budget accordingly for each service that you are going to avail.


Conduct a research. Go deep in to the search engine and communicate well with your other entrepreneur companions to find out what kind of outsourcing firm to choose for the services that you are seeking. Most important thing is to determine your outsourcing destination. Choose the one which will sure shot give half the prices that you are getting in your own country. Also be sure about the quality. Get a list of reputed outsourcing companies at your desired destination and scrutinize one by one with the help of internet reviews, company website, web presence and other parameters that you may set. Shortlist your prospect service providers and get their contact details.


Get Quotes. Usually, good companies have ‘get a quote’ option right there on the website. So your quote is just a click away. Once you have obtained the quotes from your short listed companies, compare them and choose the best ones providing best prices. Consider companies that provide flexible pricing options so that you have that scope for bargain. After having discussions with your further shortlisted companies, finalize your deal with the one offering best at both, price and quality.


Get started! Have a final meeting either personally or over the internet, clearly stating your needs. Mention all the services that you will be seeking. Carefully read each and every clause in the agreement and once you are convinced, hand over the keys to the experts and relax! Have faith in your chosen service providers and your business will definitely flourish with outsourcing.

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