B2B appointment setting is a sales process

VSynergize Partners with a Leading IOT Technology Company to foray in the Middle East for their RFID Solutions

The client is a leading provider of simplified RFID integrated solutions, where their applications are built to optimize business processes by streamlining and automating recurring tasks. Their solutions focus on Fashion Retail, Jewelry Retail, Fixed Asset Tagging, Footfall Counting, Automated Access Control, Linen Counting and Warehouse Management, helping improve operational efficiencies and cost reduction.


The client’s target was to pioneer the hotel industry in the middle east. Because of the complexity of its solutions, the client’s sales engineers often spent their time working closely with customers and prospects to design applications. This left little time for cold calling. Knowing the sales funnel needed to continually have new leads entering it in order to meet their aggressive revenue goals, the client turned to VSynergize to outsource appointment setting for the company’s sales engineers in the Middle East. The client needed a cost effective way to broaden its sales reach with new prospects and in a new market. The key to success would be to build brand recognition so prospects would think of them when they had a specific need.


VSynergize got together a team comprising of market research experts and lead generation professionals led by a dedicated account manager to accelerate efforts on the campaign. The team worked in partnership with the client to meet the the objective to identify key contacts from the target prospects and set sales appointments for the sales team. Post the quick ramp up on the knowledge side, VSynergize adopted a three-pronged approach to meet the goal

  • Established quality database of hotels in the Middle East. This was culled from the VSynergize proprietary database, other top data engines and extensive research
  • A smart calling approach was used to detail profile the approved target list before making the first call, to make way for a dialogue between demand generation team calling on behalf of the client and the prospect. Overall, this approach helped create a strong first impression on behalf of the client with the prospects
  • During the process of probing, future opportunities were identified and a well-structured tracking process was put in place.

Through this, the team helped uncover business opportunities that the client could build on. The team also generated insight into the specifics of RFID solutions within the hotel industry.


At the end of 2 months with a 25-30% conversion rate. the client received a steady flow of meeting with C/V/D level decision makers

VSynergize provided the client with an updated contact and prospect information list with in depth account mapping that could be used for future lead generation.

“We thought it would take VSynergize a few weeks to ramp up but they quickly understood our solution in order to deliver highly-qualified results,” – Client

The client’s sales pipeline became very strong, and they anticipated achieving ROI on the program shortly after the program ends. VSynergize helped the client penetrate the Middle East market and pioneering the hotel industry as aimed.

The association with Vsynergize had a tremendous impact on the business of the customer, and was extremely appreciative to the boost to their sales pipeline.

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