B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity that involves trained sales

VSynergize Supercharges Appointment Setting for Enterprise Material Management Company

The client helps garment manufacturers cut down fabric wastage right from the purchase of the fabric to getting the garment ready. The client’s cloud based material planning and optimization solution measures, predicts, and optimizes material utilization and productivity for the sewn products industry, including apparel, footwear, automotive, home furnishing, technical textiles, etc.


The client needed a cost effective way to broaden its sales reach with new prospects and in new markets. The key to success would be to build brand recognition so prospects would think of of them when they had a specific need. Our agents needed to understand the industry well enough for prospects to be comfortable talking with them. This created a challenge for Vsynergize to staff and message the effort successfully


The client turned to VSynergize to streamline an outsourced lead generation campaign to set sales appointments.

VSynergize first developed a benchmark return on investment (ROI) study to determine if the campaign would deliver a reasonable ROI and to put metrics in place to measure its success. The benchmark showed that VSynergize needed to deliver quick results, a slightly higher than average response rate and a very high close rate in order for the program to deliver an acceptable ROI.

VSynergize trained every agent on the client’s specific solution, messaging so that they were confident to respond to calls and technically sound to solve customer queries. In addition, VSynergize agents gathered information during the appointment setting calls, which was passed to the client’s sales team before they go into a meeting, making the meeting more productive.

The client who initially was skeptical of using outsourced lead generation for appointment setting now were fully on-board.

“I was out of the office on appointments recently and VSynergize was able to add three additional appointments to my calendar. VSynergize really kept our sales engine humming.”

– Client Sales Head


With the 2 month appointment setting program coming to an end, there was a 25-30% conversion rate; more than three-times the anticipated benchmark rate.

Even more important, the client’s sales pipeline became very strong, and they anticipated achieving ROI on the program shortly after the program ends.

VSynergize brought down the ramp up from 6 weeks to 2 weeks in appointment setting with rapid training, robust framework and timely reporting tools. The framework also allowed the sales team to prepare for each appointment.

VSynergize had established complete transparency of how the program is performing, all the way down to conversation level detail. Reporting was done both on a daily and weekly basis.

VSynergize helped penetrate the target market by reaching out to key decision makers in a very short span of time. Also helped in refining content to specific needs of the target clients.

The association with Vsynergize had a tremendous impact on the business of the customer, and was extremely appreciative to the boost to their sales pipeline. They even have plans to expand and want VSynergize to handle their appointment setting in new markets.

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