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Leading Webinar Marketing Platform partners with VSynergize to increase webinar registrations


The client’s challenge was to brand their best practices webinar series and acquire new clients and stay relevant to their current customers. Their primary challenges faced were

  • Initiate and build a relationship with companies from a specific target region (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines)
  • Educate prospects on marketing best practices and increase awareness of their solution’s value
  • Position themselves as a subject matter expert and trusted marketing partner to Marketing department personnel from various industries; companies with a revenue of 25 million and above
  • Increase webinar registrations and attendance, thereby converting prospects into clients


VSynergize first focused efforts on attracting the right audience. In order to tap into and open up the lucrative market, an important tactic for the client was to educate Marketing Department decision makers that they have a proven track record to help create more effective webinars. To this end, VSynergize sourced Marketing executive-level contacts, including C-Suite, VPs, Directors, and Managers at global companies.

VSynergize brought together an experienced team to create an influence the client wanted among the target audience.

  • Set registration goals : The first step was to set a registration goal that will inspire and guide the team working to reach towards it. The performance was tracked every few days to make sure we can meet the registration goals
  • Email Workflow

The team crafted a marketing plan with a baseline strategy for emailers; which were sent to the target audience at relevant times.

2-3 Weeks Before: The initial invite was sent out to let recipients know about the webinar, telling them what it’s about, when it is, and giving them a way to register

1 Week Before: The reminder email plan was broken up into two separate emails sent to people who clicked on your last email but did not register, and people who did not click on your last email at all.

1 Day Before: The second reminder email was sent a last chance to register, always worth testing if there is a chance for registration

  • Social Media Strategy

VSynergize created a daily basis social media plan till the day of the webinar. Each targeted social media post was uploaded with a creative graphic, webinar details and link to the registration page on LinkedIn and Twitter. Each social media post went out with a message which spoke about tease key tips that will show up in the webinar presentation, questions that the webinar will address, intriguing stats or quotes that are related to the webinar topic.

The posting was done at different times to appeal to the target audience at their standard time.


The client’s webinars have been a success, meeting the needs of the company’s set target audience by 70-80% and an attendance rate of 50%.

After launching the client’s best practice webinar series with the marketing team, there was a set rhythm of business that included a consistent schedule of monthly webinars.

“Their willingness to go above and beyond, and provide us with a tightly targeted audience, gave us the results we wanted.” – Client

The client was elated with the result and quality VSynergize provided, with timely reports and transparent communication. The client no longer has to focus on registrations for the D day, but rather focus on content being presented. VSynergize continues to market the the client’s webinars on a monthly basis till date.

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