Client prospecting is a very important part in the sales cycle. In fact, it is the first step in the sales cycle that decides the direction of next stages and subsequently the outcomes of the sales process. It is thus vital to execute this work with utmost precision and care following proven techniques.

But it is often seen that enterprises do not get good outcomes due to the outdated methods and techniques. Through this blog, we aim to help B2B enterprises to advance their client prospecting work so that they can get their desired prospect list with ease and grow business substantially.

What is client prospecting?

Client prospecting is a way to find potential customers. People who meet certain minimum criteria as outlined by the company are filtered out as true prospects in the lead generation process. Remember that client prospecting is not selling but a process to find potential leads and process them ahead into the sales funnel. It is a classic way to expand the size of the customer base.

There are various sales prospecting tips available in the market but we have come up with the most proven techniques to help you make the best through client prospecting endeavors.

1. Create Buyer Persona

One thing that you need to understand before starting marketing prospecting is to understand the buyer persona. Means, who is your ideal customer?

  • Understand your product/service in detail
  • Write down what all challenges your product/service solves
  • Who could need your product/service the most
  • What company size and revenue size enterprises need to be targeted
  • Which geographical location is ideal

And so on….
This is the first step in client prospecting. The better you start, the more it helps in achieving client prospecting goals without hassles. You can use Hubspot tool to create an ideal customer profile for your project.

2. Phone Calls

When it comes to prospecting in business, none can beat the charm and power of ‘Calling’. It is considered as one of the best ways to do prospecting in marketing. A prominent research reveals that 69% of buyers accept calls from salespeople who genuinely try to offer them a solution directly related to their business concerns.

But how to prospect through ‘Calling’ is a key to success. Instead of working on a rigid, robotic, and outdated sales pitch – try to enter into a dialogue with prospects. Understand their pain points, challenges, and desires before pitching a solution. Listen more and talk less but effectively. Preparing a bunch of relevant open-ended questions can help you attain positive outcomes through client prospecting endeavors.

3. Emails

One of the most important prospecting tips is to use the power of email marketing. It is believed that 80% of buyers prefer to be contacted through email. Personalized emails help enterprises to strike a right chord with their target audiences. As per one survey, it is found that personalized emails garner 26% higher open rates. If you want greater results, optimize your email for mobile devices as well. It increases the open rates further.

4. Use Online Mediums

LinkedIn & Facebook Groups: Whether you do prospecting for clients or your own business, joining groups where your target audience hangs out is a great way to run a client prospecting campaign. In the B2B world, LinkedIn groups are considered a goldmine but Facebook is also very popular. You can join relevant groups, comment, answer, share useful information, etc., to gain the attention of prospects. Those who show some interest can further be contacted to boost the sales process.

Quora and Reddit: These are popular forum like websites where you can answer popular questions and prove your expertise in your core niche. Prospects by seeing and convincing you with your answer can interact with you. Smartly prospecting clients after some interaction can give you a hint to filter prospects that really need your services.

5. Go Outdoor

How to prospect for sales is a million-dollar question that arises in the minds of countless B2B marketers all around the world. While many prefer online mediums for prospecting clients but there is one other medium available as well to fulfill business goals, i.e. going outdoor for client prospecting.

You can analyze to which all places your target audience hangs out and reach out to those places to gain their attention. Whether it is a Conference, Meetup, Seminar, Business Expo, or any Promotional Event, you can meet, interact, and network with people who potentially become customers someday. At such outdoor events, you can pitch your product/services, exchange business cards, share catalog, answer queries, and whatnot to get new business leads.

6. Referrals Work

When it comes to prospecting clients, referrals work very well. In fact, it is considered as one of the most proven prospecting methods. You may be thinking why? Let us explain this in detail. Positive word of mouth publicity is far more effective and result-driven than any other marketing techniques. And it is a well-known fact. When an existing happy customer spreads a positive branding message, it helps in boosting business outcomes. Let’s check these facts.

  • 91% of B2B buyers are highly influenced with word of mouth publicity
  • Referral based sales closing ratio is whopping 50-70%
  • 73% of executives like to have a conversation with salespeople referred by someone they know

Definitely, to make the best from referral marketing, you need to offer something lucrative to your existing customers as well. Some discounts, free coupons, bonus money etc., are usually provided to elevate the outcomes of client prospecting.

7. Become An Advisor, Not A Seller

Whenever you interact with people for client prospecting, always remember one thing. People like to engage and coordinate with agents that help them solve their business problems, else they simply ignore and end the conversation/interaction.

It is thus important that your agents act as advisors that carry enough knowledge about the services/products and clients. If you just try to sell without understanding their needs and business requirements then it won’t help. According to one prominent survey, it is found that 79% of prospects engaged in a better way when sales representatives acted as trusted advisors.

Get Ahead with Right Client Prospecting

We have an adept team of marketing professionals who are great in prospecting for clients as per business needs. VSynergize is a reputed global brand that carries vast experience in the lead generation process. Our team can help you find required high quality leads to advance your business.

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