If you haven’t heard of it yet, Clubhouse is the latest talk of 2021 and everyone wants to be on it. The Clubhouse App is a unique audio chat app to engage and help the B2B marketers with live conversations taking place. These interactions take place within certain rooms on the app that enables you to pick out your industry type and the members involved, carry out the interactions, and network with the experts. Clubhouse maps your route for a more interactive experience.

Clubhouse app is quite a secure platform. To be a  member of Clubhouse, you need to be invited by an already existing clubhouse member and once you get in 

you will have to make sure that only beneficial, professional, and relevant conversations happen.

This platform also allows you to link your other social network profiles and choose your topics of interest. In spite you cannot do direct messages on Clubhouse, that means a lot of ongoing networking takes place off-platform. 

The clubhouse is slaying high in the trend of podcasts, by being a voice only, and permitting people to be as active or passive as per their choice. For now, they have gotten up with the iOS version, there isn’t any version for android or windows as of now.

If you are an iOS user and have sent an invite for the Clubhouse membership, you are given one invited to share only once when you join – so, while you can’t bring a ton of your contacts on board, it’s the chance to meet and network with other business professionals who may go on to know your business on other channels where you are already doing good. For further usage, you get the invites as per your activity status.

Advantages of  Clubhouse  App

  1. You can directly communicate with the people you want to connect with who are difficult to reach on social platforms.
  2. As it’s audio-only you will be quite comfortable in clearing your doubts and discussions rather than the message chat version.
  3. You can link Clubhouse to other social media platforms.
  4. Clubhouse encourages likely followers to know the value you can offer.
  5. You can build your Clubhouse bio for better network connections and opportunities.

Also, Digital marketers are highly concentrating on the Clubhouse app for great access to relevant audiences and marketing possibilities.

The clubhouse platform has become one of the most popular strategies for B2B Marketers to network, professional development, and running industry-specific webinars/chats. The clubhouse is slated to boom up the B2B marketplace.

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