B2B Content Syndication Services

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B2B Content Syndication Services

Reach the right prospects with the right message, at the right time. Leverage your content syndication plan assets and ensure your content and message always reaches your target audience.

Leverage VSynergize’s B2B Content Syndication Solution to amplify content and drive pipeline development. Our B2B content syndication service helps deliver new customers by building brand awareness, generating warm leads from buyers actively researching topics related to your business, and guiding them towards consideration and conversion. Being B2B Content Syndication vendors, we syndicate your white papers, eBooks, guides, and webinars to your optimal audience, and generate cost-effective leads for your business.

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Target strategic accounts where your company has existing relationships

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Run personalized multi-channel campaigns to key contacts

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Empower Sales team to build relationships with target accounts

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Learn how your Marketing campaigns drive Sales further

Run performance-based Content Syndication Lead Gen Campaigns

Capture Intent Leads

Identify and generate Intent-based Leads.

Increase ROI

Optimize your strategy with robust targeting capabilities.

Amplify Reach

Drive lead generation with the largest B2B lead generation network.

Lead Nurturing

Engage newly generated Leads with customized communication.

Account Based Marketing

Build optimized account lists and run dynamic Lead Generation campaigns.

Outsmart Competition

Gain a competitive advantage by having an accelerated 1st party dialogue with the prospect

Reach your target prospects as they actively research business related topics across the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network without the constant pressure of content creation.


content syndication is the method of spreading the content to as many people as possible. The more content is created and syndicated; the more traffic is attracted to your website. When a large audience pays attention to your website, business visibility increases differently. The more visible your business, the higher is the probability of reaching customers. Here are some of the benefits of good product content syndication which can help drive revenue to your business:

  • Faster time to market
  • Increased efficiency
  • Healthier partnerships
  • Time & resources necessary to scale

Content Syndication is the key to take the business to newer heights that lead to greater success and higher revenues.

Content syndication can increase your visibility vastly if done right. Being a targeted and guaranteed performance approach, many B2B marketers still stumble to put together a comprehensive Content Syndication Strategy. Here are some of the top mistakes B2B Marketers make while distributing content for strategic audiences.

  • Not using Intent Data for your campaigns
  • Not enough content
  • Insufficient lead follow up
  • Not developing a long term strategy
  • No Content Strategy
White paper syndication as a sales strategy is here to stay! It is a great way of generating quality leads as well as producing optimum ROI from content. At VSynergize, we believe that if your content is consumed, your products and services will be consumed eventually. It gives you enhanced brand awareness, improves traffic to your website, increase visibility, Improves lead generation, betters team productivity and provides useful data about prospect interaction.

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Content Syndication is a process of republishing content on other sites to reach a broader audience. Syndicated content helps you to increase your reach and brand awareness, it also builds links and can help get more traffic to your targeted unit.

The web is so quite huge and so striking. It isn’t reasonable to think that all the people you want to reach will read your story just because you published it on your own blog. Syndicating your content gets your blog posts in front of a different audience who otherwise would have never known it existed.
If your brand has excellent content but limited traffic, then your ideas are somewhat wasted by living where eyeballs are scarce. Syndicating it to a third party can get better use out of it, placing it in front of the types of audiences you want to attract to your site eventually.
Once you’ve decided to test syndication in your content strategy, your success will lie in how you go about it. This will most likely be your own website, but if you’re already publishing external content or thought leadership, you may be able to use that as well.
  • Syndication-friendly multi-author blogs
  • Social networks
  • Blogging platforms

To get started with Content Syndication, here are a few things to keep in mind to increase your chances of success.

  • Master Your Pitching
  • Don’t Forget a Link
  • Create Chains of Momentum

Content Syndication can bring you the benefits and visibility of extensive public relations and guest blogging with significantly less time.

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