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Leading US-based Debt Collection Agency achieves liquidation ratio greater than 6%

Debt Collection Services

About The Client

The client is one of the leading collection agencies based out in USA, and is a preferred vendor for most major national franchise organizations. They are also recommended by and interfaced with most major club management software companies in the industry. The client is founded on CUSTOMER SERVICE DRIVEN COLLECTIONS, keeping the members happy and goodwill in the community intact. They deliver the highest recovery rates in the industry.There is no
other agency in the industry with more experience in Health & Fitness collections.

Goal Of The Client

To provide better account penetration and increase profitability on accounts Challenges: High Attrition and Increasing Costs, also unable to service low balance accounts due to high US side costs.


Use Client Dialer and Collection System, Compliance and Improve Liquidation Ratio.

Solution By Vsynergize Outsouring

  • Strategic Advantage as US collectors could focus on higher balances.
  • Achieved Liquidation Ratios of above 6%, where as expected was around 5.5%.
  • No Hassles of Recruitment and Training.
  • Better Penetration of Accounts.
  • Increased Cash flows.
  • Improved Profitability Levels.

Benefits To The Client

  • Technical Integration: VSO interconnected to Client Dialer and Collection System using VOIP and VPN Secure Network.
  • Trained and Deployed 25 Collectors for a one Month Pilot.
  • After Success of the Pilot, ramped it up to 90 Seats in a span of 6 months.
  • Worked after US business hours and weekends as well.
  • Call Transfer Solution to US collectors for Right Party Connects.
  • Used ACA training module for FDCPA compliance

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