The main task of B2B Marketers is to get the attention of the audience and create demand for the business. Nowadays, B2B marketers are getting pressurized by their bosses to obtain results and revenue from their demand gen marketing efforts. Implementing a good demand generation marketing strategy can help marketers generate high-quality leads. Getting high-quality leads in the funnel is important to ensure a high conversion rate. Have a look at the blog as we will tell you the best B2B demand generation strategies for generating high-quality leads.

Demand Generation Marketing Strategies For High-Quality Leads

You need to implement the best demand generation strategy, ideas, and tactics to get quality leads in the funnel. A demand generation program is all about making your audience feel that they need your product or service. The demand generation strategy comes before any other B2B marketing strategy. The focus of a demand generation plan is to attract new customers to the business. Below we have given the most effective B2B demand generation tactics to help you fill up your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

1. Create Impressive content for different stages

You need to have a robust B2B content marketing strategy for your demand generation tactics to work effectively. A customer that has just become aware of your service and a customer that is at the decision-making stage, thinks very differently. To get your message across everyone in the funnel you need to curate different content for different stages. The sales funnel can be divided into three stages and different content posts that you can create for them are as follows:

  1. Top of the funnel leads (TOFU): At this stage, the leads have just entered the funnel and got to know about your service. By providing informational content you can bring about their interest and tell them how you can be helpful to them. You can post blogs, articles, infographics, and videos for creating awareness and interest at this stage.
  2. Middle of the funnel leads (MOFU): These are the leads that are in the consideration stage. They are comparing your solution with different solutions and seeking the best one for themselves. You can give them information about how your service is better than others available in the market. For that, you can post whitepapers, case studies, and e-books and provide them with your distinction points.
  3. Bottom of the funnel leads (BOFU): At this stage, you need to make prospects believe that you are the right choice and they can trust you. You can publish client testimonials, and give free demos and trials at this stage.

2. Use customer Intent Data

Businesses search for potential customers but there are some prospects that go looking for solutions. Intent data can help you to find these potential customers that are searching for similar services to yours.

Intent data basically refers to the information related to the online behavior, activities, actions, and keywords searched by an individual. You can use intent data tools or engage an intent data provider to discover the interested prospects.

Once you get the information regarding the prospects, you can create personalized content and target them. This will help to close deals faster and shorten the sales cycle. When you target people who are already interested in your services, the probability of them closing a deal is high.

3. Account-Based Marketing

ABM marketing tactics focus on targeting high-value accounts with personalized content. The idea is to get your message to the right accounts directly and fasten the sales process.

By tailoring your approach for the specific accounts and targeting them with valuable content, you can get better results. Different ways in which you can target accounts are personalized emails, customized landing pages, hosting special events, etc.

4. Align your sales and marketing team

The coordination of sales and marketing teams is vital for your demand generation strategy to work. The sales and marketing functions are integral and interconnected. When your marketing messages are aligned with your sales team, the chances of conversion increase.

You can use cloud platforms to make the cooperation between sales and marketing efforts easier. It will help to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your B2B marketing strategy. When opting for cloud platforms, look for centralized data collection, real-time updates, interdepartmental messaging, and mobile optimization.

5. Go for Chatbots and Marketing Automation

With the AI technology coming into the market, utilizing chatbots and marketing automation has become easy. You can give your complicated processes and tasks to an accurate and error-free system.

Marketing automation can help you collect prospect data and activity status. This can further help plan your marketing campaigns. Apart from that, it can help you track sales, remind actions, send emails to new customers and promote new offers.

Nowadays, chatbots are a great way to represent your company and communicate with the customers 24/7. It can help you to answer basic customer queries at the earliest and build brand image.

6. Omnichannel Marketing strategy

Today, the customers have become smart and are active on most online platforms. When you use only one marketing channel, you limit your reach to only a few of your target audience. To target maximum of your prospective customers, you need to connect to them through different channels strategically.

The best way to expand your reach is to use the Omni channel marketing strategy. You don’t need to spend bucks on each platform but you can select the platform that has the most of your target audience.

You can use a variety of applications or software for carrying out an omnichannel marketing strategy. This will allow you to post on different platforms at the same time and increase efficiency. You can change the design and copy as per the platform. However, make sure to keep your messaging uniform and consistent. Of course, you don’t want your audiences to get confused and forget about you.


The aim of B2B demand generation marketing is to make a lasting impression on the audience and drive engagement. The best way to do that is by publishing compelling and valuable content. You need to build a relationship with prospects to gain their trust. You have to show them how your service is different from others in the market. Apart from having great tools and technology, you need to execute the best demand generation strategies to get high-quality leads.

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