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Empower Your Team with Connectivity That Levels Up Your Digital Call Center

VSynergize’s Digital Contact Center is a comprehensive customer service technology solution that allows your team to maintain consistent, high-quality standards while reducing the workload on your agents.
Don’t keep your customers on hold. Keep the conversation going with a digital call center that works on multiple channels.

Intelligent Call Routing

Our automated, intelligent call routing feature provides automation of agent selection and reporting, queue management, and call logging. VSynergize’s Digital Call Center also includes a Web-based interface that can be used to import and export data, generate reports, run searches, and produce views.

Calls are forwarded to a specific agent based on their skill set, like “sales” or “Spanish”. When a caller phones in, the system will forward the call to the agent with the correct skills to handle that call.

Recurring Task Automation

The day-to-day life of a call center employee is filled with repetitive tasks and switching between different systems. To solve this, we want to create a platform that can automate the most tedious tasks.

At the center of every digital call center is a task list that specifies what each agent should do and when they should do it. These lists can be simple and procedural, or they can include more sophisticated, context-aware logical constructs such as if this then that or while true, do this.

AI-Powered Next Steps

Today’s enterprise call center employees have access to a lot of information in the course of a conversation. But they don’t have time to parse through it all while they’re talking to a customer—they need the ability to leverage data immediately and find the best, most relevant next step.

That’s why our AI-powered next steps feature will improve your customer service operations by helping agents take the next best action for each individual customer interaction, faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Unified Customer Data

Our Digital Call Center gives you a full view of each customer by integrating information from your CRM system and other sources.

That way, when a customer calls in with a question or complaint, your agents will have all the answers to their questions at their fingertips; no more wasting time looking up information or transferring calls.

With VSynergize’s Digital Call Center, you can organize and leverage data from multiple systems to deliver personalized experiences that keep customers coming back.

Communications Tech to Enhance Your Teams Efficiency

In a world where customers expect fast, personalized experiences, your customer service team needs to be able to provide those experiences consistently and quickly. That’s a tall order—and not just because of the time it takes to solve a problem.

If you’re relying on your agents to manage everything manually, you’re also taking up valuable time with data entry and routine work that could be better spent building relationships with

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