Technology has made the lives of common citizens better and also revolutionized the way people do business. You can store tons of information in a small chip, place an order with a single click, hire the best talents in quick time, and whatnot?

One such thing that has been highly affected positively by technology is ‘Demand Generation’. World over, B2B marketers are fascinated to experience the far-reaching and everlasting business results using technology. Companies are using technology heavily and showing their trust in digital transformation.

But why is there such a craze about digital transformation for demand generation? This blog helps you get the answer to this vital question in great detail.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means the effective usage of technology and tools to make process improvements. You can create or modify existing business processes to meet changing market demands. It allows you to overhaul business work, gives business a competitive advantage, increases agility, boosts revenue, enhances customer & employee experience, and improves productivity.

Why Use Digital Transformation for Demand Generation?

     1. Offers Something Valuable:

Effective B2B demand generation tactics must include sharing valuable content that target audiences want. You can share relevant articles, blogs, whitepapers, news, and even run organic and paid social media campaigns to attract potential buyers towards your brand. A proven B2B digital transformation strategy makes this task easy for you.

     2. Personalized Promotion:

You get something special when you create a B2B digital transformation strategy using advanced technologies. Digital transformation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow you to find interesting insights from diverse data sources. It helps know customers/visitors better and assists B2B enterprises in curating more personalized marketing campaigns.

     3. Omnichannel Support:

Demand generation is a dynamic industry where not all customers like a single medium to connect with a brand. Some like calling the customer care center, so the others feel comfortable over live web chat, WhatsApp chat, email, social media, etc. B2B digital transformation enables enterprises to roll-out multi-channel support so that people can choose their preferred way of communication.

     4. More Efficiency:

There are various rule-based tasks that are executed in heavy volume in the B2B demand generation strategy. Enabling digital transformation for demand generation work can help ease all such mundane and repetitive tasks. As a result, you do not just attain greater efficiency at work but can also achieve more productivity as well. A sharp reduction in the error rate is another plus.

     5. Lead Scoring:

A visitor touches various digital touchpoints before making the final decision to buy a product/service. But gauging visitors’ intent and buying journey is very hard. Digital transformation allows B2B enterprises to track the online activities of visitors. Using an effective lead scoring system embedded with a digital system can give you the exact buying stage of a visitor. It helps in creating an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy with customized marketing.

     6. Data Analytics:

Data is the most priced asset in B2B marketing but is difficult to manage manually. It contains important insights that can only be analyzed precisely with the help of technology. Using AI and data analytics, B2B enterprises can find meaningful updates from historical data and make a future business strategy. It helps greatly in making the right business decisions.

     7. Increases Team Morale:

When employees are deployed to do repetitive work, they feel disillusioned after some time. They don’t get time to execute high-value work that really matters for their career progress. Digital transformation enables organizations to seamlessly make process improvements and streamline business processes. Automation of key processes gives employees the liberty and time to focus on critical tasks. Something for which they are hired.

     8. New Edge to Marketing:

Outbound marketing is still relevant but there is no match for inbound marketing. Whether it is about email marketing, social media marketing, webinar marketing or any other inbound marketing tactics, enabling digital transformation for demand generation gives you the power to improve business performance. From template design, auto-scheduling, real-time analytics, and more, enterprises can leverage the medium of inbound marketing hugely using technology.

     9. Aligning Sales & Marketing:

The functionalities of Sales and Marketing may differ but both departments work to boost the revenue of enterprises. But it is often seen that instead of working in tandem, teams work in silos. Digital transformation fixes this concern by bringing greater transparency and accountability to the system.

Everyone is aware of their core responsibilities and can check where things are moving to take further actions. Inter-department communication becomes more streamlined and digital transformation reduces the scope of any miscommunication/misinformation.

Final Words

As the medium of marketing is highly drifting towards digital, B2B enterprises cannot afford to stay relevant in the game for long without embracing digital transformation. Companies around the world are using technology to give their business a new direction and reaping great benefits. And the demand generation sector is not untouched with its positive effects.

At VSynergize, we help B2B companies to elevate their performance with the enablement of the right technology. So, if you haven’t efficiently utilized technology to enhance demand generation output or failed to get desired results, we can help you out. Contact us at to know more.

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