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BPO Services for Energy, Utilities, and Recycling

BPO Services for Energy, Utilities, and Recycling

The support you need – The team to handle everything

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The support you need – The team to handle everything

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Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities are among the fastest growing and most innovative businesses in the world. You need a team that can adapt as fast as you do. Customer service, bookkeeping, and IT services, the team at VSynergize can do it all. Foremost in this sector is IT security. The VSynergize team includes cybersecurity experts who protect all your systems, your network, and your workstations. Let’s talk about how VSynergize helps your firm stay secure and make more money.

The Power of BPO for energy and utilities

Cyber Security

After multiple attacks have cost energy companies and their customers billions of dollars, cybersecurity is the most important issue for energy, utility, and waste management companies in the 21st century. VSynergize employs a team of cybersecurity experts who are extremely committed and proficient to keep your data and network safe all the times.


As your firm grows, your back office team needs to be flexible enough to grow with it. Finding the right bookkeeping, customer service, and data processing team can be difficult, if not impossible. VSynergize can do all of this with a single phone call. With a deep bench of experts available to help you with all your needs, our team is the answer to staffing at every level.


The key to success in the 21st century in every business, but particularly in the energy sector, is technology. Maximizing technical efficiency is at the heart of high profits, lower turnover, and business adaptability. VSynergize can not only provide those services, but our team can lead the way. Let us increase your efficiency and your profits.

BPO Services

  • Customer service
  • Call center
  • Billing and payments
  • Collections
  • Billing generation
  • Lead generation
  • Payroll
  • Field staff support
  • Executive assistance
  • Administrative support

For over two decades, VSynergize has been at the forefront of BPO services. From the infancy of the outsourcing movement, we’ve been innovating ways to provide extraordinary service to our clients. Each client firm is handled as uniquely as it should be. From the first day of our services, you’ll notice an increase in customer satisfaction, repeat business, and impeccable record-keeping.

Energy assistance moving at the speed of light

The world of energy is changing rapidly. From alternative energy sources to more efficient infrastructure to automated billing and expenses, everything you do requires efficiency. With the team at VSynergize, count on us to stay at the forefront of technology and services with you.

In many parts of the world, customers now have a choice of energy suppliers. One of the major ways to set your firm apart is better customer service. VSynergize is your customer-facing team. From taking phone calls to answering billing questions to collections, we offer you a complete package, all handled by a team that understands your needs.

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