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Jack Welch of G.E. once said “A truly global company is one that uses intellect and resource of every corner of the world. India is a developed country as far as intellect capital and human resource is concerned”

India has given the knowledge of Ayurveda – a form of ancient medicine and healing techniques that cure the problem from the roots. India has given Vedic Mathematics – the fastest and easiest ways to solve a very complex Mathematical problem faster than a calculator. In today’s world India has shown excellence not just in software development, customer service, knowledge process outsourcing but one of the most complicated and amazing tasks;

Today, Feb 15, 2017 “The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) shot off 104 satellites into space in a single mission today, which is a world record.

Putting commercial satellites into space for a fee is a growing business sector. That’s because phone, Internet and other companies, as well as countries, are seeking greater and more high-tech communications.

Of the 104 satellites ISRO launched today, three are Indian and 101 are foreign and smaller satellites.

The space agency used the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) for the launch. It carried a 714 kilogram main satellite for earth observation and 103 smaller “nano satellites” which weighed a combined 664 kilograms.

Most of the nano satellites are from other countries, including from Israel, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the US, said the state-run ISRO. A whopping 96 satellites are from the US alone”

Source “Times of India”

India cannot be ignored at any level. It is the largest democracy with the maximum youth. Outsource to India

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