This is a guest post by Trish Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer at VSynergize 

With 100+ trendsetting speakers, over 30 sessions on the latest cutting-edge digital technologies, and attendance by over 2800 leaders in performance marketing and lead gen, the LeadsCon conference is one of the largest events in the lead gen industry. As someone who has been attending this conference for a few years now, I would agree that LeadsCon is definitely the premier event to know about new products, technologies, and services, and make new business connections.

While it is exciting enough to know that the conference is happening at The Venetian, Las Vegas, there are more reasons to be excited about it – especially this year, considering the buzz around Content Marketing and its impact on lead generation and changing lead-generation trends in Insurance, Mortgage and Solar industries. Our attempt at Vsynergize is always on leveraging the latest tools and techniques to help our clients in generating leads and, therefore, I am looking forward to LeadsCon as a great learning opportunity.

The conference is still a few days away but the buzz around it can already be sensed. Organizers have defined the agenda pretty well with tracks around innovation, leads maximization, calls and compliance, and various workshops.

I always look forward to listening to the keynote speeches at LeadsCon – hearing the views of the greatest minds in the marketing and lead generation domain is always very exciting. This year seems to be no different – it will be a delight to hear the marketing expert, Mark Schaefer and Online Marketing Pioneer, Bryan Eisenberg.

The Focused Content Marketing Workshop and Search Workshop seem to be the highlight this year. I will surely drop by the Content marketing workshop to understand the latest trends.

Here are a few sessions which appear to be very interesting and I intend to add these to my ‘to-do’ plan at the conference –

  • ‘Calculating Cost, or How Much Should You Pay for a Lead?’ by Jeffrey Feuer (Customer Solutions Group) and Victor You (Rock Connections). With a promise to show a simple method for calculating the true value of a lead, this session also promises to provide useful points for enhancing the value of leads.
  • ‘Best Practices for Maximizing Your Lead Campaign Optimization’ – This session by Beth Kirsch (, Olivier Chaine (Paid Media, The Search Agency), and Blake Pollack (The ASO Project) aims to showcase best practices, technologies, and examples on how to optimize the lead campaigns across devices.
  • ‘Finding Return when Measuring Buyer Intent, Behavior & Targeting’ – With a strong panel of Josh Friend (InSellerate), David Dowhan (TruSignal), Chris Gannett (CataBoom), and Vin Turk (Madison Logic), this session aims to discuss how the customer’s decision-making process has changed, and how in terms of response, companies are not meeting customers’ expectations, leading to a lost sales opportunity.
  • ‘Effective Strategies for Call Marketing & Pay Per Call’ – In this session, Jay Weintraub (Grow. co), Jesse Beal (Progrexion), Mark Casas (AIS Insurance), Jordan Jones (UM), and Manpreet Singh (TalkLocal) plan to talk about new paradigms on integrating calls with social, IoT, and other marketing efforts.

Our customers look at us as trusted partners as we work with them for their end-to-end sales & marketing needs and help them expand their reach and save costs and time. I am glad to see the various session tracks covering a variety of aspects of sales and marketing.

I think that the following themes are going to be hot at LeadsCon this year

  • Content marketing and its impact on lead generation
  • Impact of online and mobile channels on sales and lead generation
  • Lead generation for the fast-growing solar industry

The website mentions that there are over 150 exhibitors too – while I do want to interact with all of them, the challenge is going to be finding the time. Let’s see, I am going to try my best. An online conference planner to help in planning the conference would have been great – LeadsCon folks, are you listening?

Overall, looks like an extremely interesting conference. What are you expecting from the show?

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