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UK’s leading Food Delivery brand serves customers with 0% hassles

UK’s leading Food Delivery brand serves customers with 0% hassles

About The Client

The client is UK’s leading food services and solution provider. They have won numerous awards in Hospitality sector. And with their innovativeness it’s a renowned name in UK.

Goal Of The Client

To get the orders delivered to their customers in shortest span of time, possible. To do this they didn’t want their customers wait and instead get the food as soon as possible.


Experienced manpower from F & B industry Excellent infrastructure to accelerate the servicing orders Shortest turnaround time


  • Dedicated line for the services
  • Good and professional manpower
  • Reduction of turnaround time for delivery of food
  • Giving the customers assistance on the food menu

Solution By Vsynergize Outsouring

  • Highly productive people who are experienced in food and beverages industry.
  • VSO provided a dedicated vendor management team.
  • Provided best in class infrastructure and support system for receiving the calls and getting the orders.
  • A dedication information system was setup to receive the orders via e-mail, fax or SMS.
  • Preparation of Menus for the restaurants from across the UK.
  • VSO assisted the Client with 100% delivery rate.

Benefits To The Client

  • Catering, customers of the Client with 0% hassle.
  • Increasing the productivity of the Client.
  • VSO helped the business of the Client grow due to which VSO became from 5 to 40 people support system.
  • Client was able to venture into larger scale business with VSO’s assistance. More than 50% cost reduction in operations.

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