Telemarketing for beginners can be pretty daunting

Handy Telemarketing Guide To Help You Sharpen Your Telemarketing Skill

Telemarketing is not as difficult as it sounds. There are certain obvious yet  important things telemarketers should do, they should have a knack for calling,  research your prospects thoroughly and lastly should have complete faith in the product or service to sound convincing enough to convince the prospect. If you do not believe in the product or service then it will be an impossible venture of you trying to sell your services. Telemarketing skill involves doing certain things in the right way and doubling your prospects.

A handy telemarketing guide to help you sharpen your telemarketing skill –

  1. Be yourself, be you and accept that what you are selling. Telemarketing skill involve know your product or service thoroughly. You should know your product or service in and out to be able to sell it.
  2. Rather than trying to say what you want to sell. Focus on what the prospect will likely want to know. See the prospects interests before you sell.
  3. Don’t lie or exaggerate about your product or service, be precise and informative as far as you can. A very important telemarketing skill is be informative and showing the prospect the advantage of buying it.
  4. Don’t hold up your client, if you have promised to deliver on a date keep up to it. Telemarketing involves delivering on time; you should always adhere to it.
  5. Think before you offer or make commitments or say anything promising about your product or service.
  6. Do not get into an argument, handle objections tactfully. A skilled telemarketing agent should possess the skill to handle objections smoothly.
  7. Listen to the prospect and by listen not just the words he is speaking, listen to the tone, to the level of engagement in it
  8. Respect his time and level of engagement, ask for an alternative time if prospect is busy. This is a prime telemarketing skill.
  9. Ask relevant questions to show your level of engagement. Make sure you have done a proper background study to sound informed.
  10. Give only those information which are beneficial for that prospect and do not burden him with unnecessary information

This is a very handy telemarketing guide to help you sharpen your telemarketing skill. If you have any telemarketing doubts, Contact us. +1-800-582-5689

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