Healthcare BPO Service

Healthcare BPO Service

Empowering you to focus better on core healthcare services

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Empowering you to focus better on core healthcare services

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The healthcare industry is one of the most labor-intensive and expensive industries in the world. From the patient-facing staff to the back office paperwork, there’s a lot to do for even a single patient. With the help of the team at VSynergize, you can reduce controllable expenses, like bookkeeping, billing, A/R, scheduling, and more. Our team can take all non-medical and appointment scheduling calls from your patients. All of this can be done for far less than hiring an in-house staff. Bonus: Our team is available to you and your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Power of BPO for Healthcare

Lower Costs

It seems like the insurance companies and the government want you to bear the calls of your patients’ healthcare. Even worse, they seem to push your patients to pay more every day, and many of them can’t afford it. The best way to help your patients is to offer them great service at a lower cost. With the VSynergize team, you can offer extraordinary service, great profits, and flawless care.

Perfect Customer Service

Your customers need, expect, and deserve extraordinary customer service. From their first call inquiring about the services you offer to making an appointment to paying their bill, everyone deserves to be treated with respect, privacy, and prompt action. This can be hard when your in-house team is stretched thin. Because VSynergize has a massive bench of employees, we adapt our services to your patients’ needs.


Medical privacy is more than just the law; it’s a courtesy every medical professional offers that we, at VSynergize, take seriously. We guarantee that everything we do is protected from hackers and intruders. Our team covers this with confidentiality contracts and commitments for you. We are as committed to protecting your patients as you are.

BPO Services

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Payment posting
  • Customer service
  • Insurance verification
  • Medical coding

For over two decades, VSynergize has been at the forefront of BPO services. From the infancy of the outsourcing movement, we’ve been innovating ways to provide extraordinary service to our clients. Each client firm is handled as uniquely as it should be. From the first day of our services, you’ll notice an increase in customer satisfaction, repeat business, and impeccable record-keeping.

Supporting you so you can care for them

As a medical professional, the last thing you need to do is spend a lot of time handling paperwork, chasing payments from insurance companies, or making appointments. While in-house staff are amazing, it’s difficult to scale your staff to your needs.

VSynergize is the team that can scale to your needs in hours, not weeks. If you need more people to take appointments, process payments, or even maintain your IT network, we have the team to do it at a moment’s notice. We provide everything you need to give your staff support and your patients the service they deserve.

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