How a solid social media strategy propels an online business

Implementing a business strategy sounds interesting to execute, but are you effective with social media? Have you tried and tested something crazy, lately? If yes, then surely you have contributed to your revenue model. Well done, keep it up!

The social media marketing report stated in 2010 that, “67% of marketers plan to increase their use of social media including blogs, twitter and Facebook”. So, if that was in 2010 what does 2016 bring in?

Today, any business demands digital presence around the web. The impacts may differ from one business to another but end results are the same. The ones, who are ahead, understand the impact of social media while those still trying to create a benchmark need to widen their perspectives.

Social media is a great tool if handled with care and understanding! So let’s see how a solid social media strategy gears up a business.

Have a Social Media Plan:

All you have to remember is ‘plan the workout and then workout the plan’. Simply, create a list of digital platforms where you want to display your presence. Determine the various channels associated with it.

You just have to clearly define your message correctly on digital marketing channels. For ex: A mix of text + video content goes well with Facebook and twitter.

Even you can check out the trending topics related to your domain and see how others have presented it. Likewise you can position your business on social platforms.

Have the correct set of tools:

Digital marketing implies accuracy. Without this, you’ve just missed to hit the nail. If your prospects don’t get it correctly, the bounce rate keeps increasing.

So, to avoid the hotchpotch, plan on content. Coz content is a great tool to add values to your efforts. Design the content part in such a way that it keeps prospects hooked around!

Monitor the metrics:

Metrics are important to know how well, a channel is doing. It’ll provide you with some validated data and facts about your content. Monitoring every constituent gives you proper insights to decide the direction of business. Being vigilant will not only drive traffic to your site but might bring some exciting results.


More factors are to be taken care, which are not discussed here. But with this, you can get a rough layout what social media can do for your business and how a solid strategy stands important to drive traffic to your business.

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