Artificial Intelligence and Account-Based Marketing tactics are gaining wider acceptance in the B2B world. Digital is now the standard for B2B Marketers. While AI and ABM are powerful technologies and yield great results for marketers, the challenge is in knowing what is driving the success of your campaigns. Businesses are learning how to implement ABM strategies as they understand the benefits of targeting specific accounts with personalized content and working together with sales to get more revenue. Artificial intelligence is key to most of ABM and will continue to influence ABM further.

Also as customers nowadays increasingly expect personalization, so practices that make them feel special and beneficial to their specific needs are crucial. Data pulled from digital channels and CRM integration makes it possible for B2B marketers to portray a better picture of what their customers want, and it helps them to use within their ABM strategies.

 AI and ABM Bridging Sales And Marketing for  Business Grow Growth

For the past two years, AI technology has transformed ABM. AI associate companies to digital profiles across web, social and mobile channels, forming millions of signals and predictions to lay out the best content to the customer at the specific time and place where it returns the best value.

According to the Gartner predictions, 75% of B2B technology service providers with more than $10 million in wealth will adopt ABM as their prime market model.

Machine Learning and AI are robust that can help automate and repeatedly improve your Account-Based Marketing results. AI and ABM mutually can enhance user relationships and generate defined interests including budget optimizations, to make new opportunities for target account and grow customer revenue.

Let’s understand how AI supports and elevates ABM

  • Both AI and ABM are based on data

AI can analyze all sorts of data about your users and audience, including close/won percentages, campaign success metrics, and more. ABM &  AI is a good combination because it’s more efficient than you could ever be to do your ABM.

  • Teams become smarter when you combine AI &  ABM

Everyone will know precisely what to do, AI helps ABM pros learn more about those you’re selling or marketing to, allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time. It can sift through data more efficiently than any human and uncover subtler insights that will help your company grow more easily.

  • AI helps you take personalization to deeper levels

Personalization and Customization are the biggest parts of ABM and one of the most significant challenges for any company. Implement AI to obtain more visibility into customer and prospect data using information like company size, industry vertical, offerings, interests, and clickthroughs, you’ll be able to build marketing and sales campaigns that map directly to the customer’s pain points.

  • AI supports your data in a better way

Your data is valuable, but only if it’s updated and correct. AI can help you keep it clean, standardized, organized, and updated regularly, while your ABM systems and processes do their thing.

  • Scaling up ABM with AI

AI gathers the signals from customers and prospects to predict the behavior of accounts, which marketers can then prepare for with automated workflows and content. That includes the new, unique prospects who might be interacting with your content in different ways than you’re used to. Without AI, it’s difficult to find out the prospect, and impossible to target them with an ABM campaign.

Here are some fields where  ABM performs with the help of AI

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Account-Based Marketing expected to deliver to Marketing and Sales

  • High-Quality Leads Opportunity
  • Better Engagement with Prospect/Customers
  • Better Understanding of Buyers Intent
  • More efficient ad campaigns
  • Cost Benefits
  • Content Optimization
  • Sales Acceleration
  • High Conversion Rate

With AI and ABM, leads can be nurtured, when you can infuse Artificial  Intelligence into your automated processes, you will be able to come through for your prospects and clients in all-new ways.

ABM strategies should not only focus on reporting campaign results but also on reporting these types of insights to decode and recreate the success, they are seeing in their AI-driven campaigns. According to the stats, AI sees 59% better close rates for sales, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% higher conversion. Account Based Marketing Services are leveraged to its fullest ability when accompanied by artificial intelligence.

AI is the perfect partner for the ABM to maintain and sustain relationships with prospects. Without AI, you can miss out on the indications of hot lead. AI and ABM can identify a prospect’s intent, higher up the buyer’s journey, personalize content, for greater marketing success at any scale. If you need assistance to build an ABM program specific to your needs, write to us at or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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