Do you know what the biggest challenge in B2B marketing is? Well, its lead generation of course. A lead is a key element. Without leads, you have no revenue, no clients, nothing. So let’s focus on some useful tools they will help in b2b lead generation.

Business-to-business model is a model that is made to sell services and products to other businesses. Because it is different from a business-to-consumer model, the marketing strategies are also different ones.

Here are some stats on how B2B is changing every day:

  • Almost 50 % of B2B researches are millennials.
  • Almost 80 % of high level executives decide in purchase decisions
  • B2B researchers mostly are looking for the product first, then the business itself
  • 40 % of researchers use mobile devices for purchasing processes

So if a business wants to be successful, website usage is tool number one. Every website is the first impression of your company and of what you offer your potential buyers. The website should help you achieve your goals, so first you should ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Is the site trustworthy?
  • Is this company stable?
  • Is this site professional and credible?
  • Does this site give answers to all my questions?

Once you are sure that the answers to these questions are satisfying, then you did a successful job in creating a good website.

Also, here is another tool I find helpful. Everyone likes free stuff. If you want to gain leads, then you should give away free stuff. Well, not free to you, of course, it may cost you some time and effort and professional opinion, but you get the idea. It’s a simple concept:

  1. Make an e-book for your target audience
  2. Give it for free.
  3. You get their email back.

Free stuff is delivered at the exact moment and you get an email address in exchange.

No matter in what industry you are in, people are always willing to get free stuff. This technique is helpful in acquiring tons of email addresses and welcomes all the leads your way.

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