Gone are the days when B2B Marketers made the same marketing efforts for their target audience. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and software development personalization has come into the spotlight. Just making marketing efforts and investing loads of money isn’t enough. You need to know and understand what your target audience really wants. Behavioral intent data plays an important role in this. Read the blog till the end to know how behavioral intent data is helping B2B Marketers.

What is Behavioral Intent data?

Intent data refers to the information regarding the buyer’s intent and their thoughts, preferences, likes, experiences, analysis, and comparisons. It basically includes information on how the buyer develops interests, leads to action, and finally does it.

Behavioral Intent data is the information regarding the prospects’ content engagement, purchasing triggers, and decisional patterns. Knowing this you can figure out where a prospect is in the buying journey and target them with the relevant content.

Behavioral Intent Data for Marketing

Before taking up a solution the buyers do a significant amount of research to find an appropriate solution. Primarily, there are two types of people who do research: the one who wants information and the other who are actually looking for a solution. It is important that the B2B Marketers filter out the ones that are wanting a solution and focus on them.

The following are the ways B2B Marketers can use behavioral intent data to enhance their marketing efforts:

1. Discover New Prospects

Using behavioral intent data you can identify the prospects that have shown interest and are looking for similar solutions. You can identify the managers and professionals who have joined LinkedIn and Facebook groups related to your service. You can know people who are reading articles and blogs related to your service. Knowing this, you can target those people more accurately with content marketing.

2. Behavioral patterns help in lead scoring

Nowadays there are many marketing automation tools available in the market. Using them you can track the communication with prospects and see how much and how often they consume your content. These behavioral patterns are used by automation tools to measure the interest of prospects and assign them a score.

By using intent data solutions you can track the digital behavior of the key decision-makers across different communication channels. Using this approach you can know the purchase intent of an organization better than any other method.

3. Personalize your Website’s Experience

When people visit your website without filling out any form they are anonymous to you. However, if you have proper technology you can identify the visitor’s IP address and business. But still, you might not get the idea of their position and stake in a company. They could be a CEO or a school kid searching for project content.

To make these anonymous visitors fill out forms and provide information, you can use web personalization. Web personalization is a method in which once you identify the user as anonymous, you can track the sites they visit. Then, you can offer them personalized content and encourage the users to take a particular action like filling up a contact form.

4. Enhances Sales Intelligence

For the sales team to succeed it is important that they search and understand their target audience and prospects before engaging with them. The behavioral intent data and insights can help the sales team to know what the prospects are searching for and at which point they are in the buying process. Determining all these aspects can help the sales and marketing team strategize and to craft personalized and relevant messages. Doing this will help you to increase the chances of conversion and generate higher revenue.

5. Personalize Content Marketing

Content marketing plays an important role when it comes to lead nurturing and pushing leads ahead in the sales funnel. Most of the B2B Marketers use content marketing strategies to influence their target prospects. They use various marketing tools to get insights on what marketing content their audiences are seeing and have viewed previously. However, knowing partial information about the prospects won’t help the sales team to deliver relevant messages.

Behavioral intent data has solved this problem of B2B marketers. It has helped the B2B Marketers become more active and better understand the needs and wants of their target audience. This way they can tailor relevant and personalized messages for prospects and deliver at the right time. B2B marketers can also know where they can get the large segment of their leads.  For example, if they get to know their target audience is subscribed to an industry page. Then, they can publish their content on that page and get better engagement.

6. Behavioral Intent Data and Account-Based Marketing

Behavioral Intent data has changed the way B2B Marketers did marketing previously. Intent data solutions have paved the way for personalization and transformed B2B Marketing. B2B Marketers with the increase in competition just want to deliver a smooth customer experience.

B2B marketing is more complex as compared to traditional or B2C marketing. Behavioral intent data has helped marketers to master the marketing funnel. Now, the marketers can deliver highly relevant and personalized messages to the accounts that are interested. Intent data has also helped the marketers to identify the right target accounts and carry out Account-Based Marketing campaigns.

Over to You

B2B marketers look for ways to get new prospects and influence the existing ones in the sales funnel. Behavioral intent data has helped marketers to understand what triggers the prospects to take action. They can understand if the prospect is genuinely interested and where is in the buying journey. This has helped the sales and marketing teams to send appropriate and personalized messages at the right time. Intent data is a powerful tool for marketers to maximize their marketing and sales efforts.

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