How to Create a Revenue Winning Lead Nurturing Strategy

How to build a perfect Lead Nurturing program

Lead Nurturing is the method of training and building relationships with non-sales ready leads in order to move them in the marketing funnel and push them closer to becoming an opportunity. It helps marketers build relationships with prospects, from their first interaction to the time they’ve become a frequent return customer.

As Lead Nurturing campaigns are intended to coordinate and interact with each prospect and customer, it is important to have personalized content. By posting up the content that directly answers your audience’s questions and relates to their needs in sales can form long-term customer relationships.

Nurturing your lead is all about forming real engagement and setting up your brand at the forefront completely understanding the customer lifecycle.

Marketers should prioritize lead nurturing when it comes to their inbound marketing tactics. These capabilities drive your brand awareness and build trust, which is a very vital part when it comes to customer behaviors.

The role of a B2B Marketer here is to give your prospects the information they need to make a buying decision, to keep your brand front-and-center during this period and be ready when they’re finally ready to commit.

Here are the basic actions that you need to take to set up a successful Lead Nurturing program:

  • 1. Understand the baseline of Lead Nurturing
  • 2. Design a basic Lead Nurturing flow
  • 3. Share it with the Sales and Marketing team
  • 4. Measure the progress of your Lead Nurturing program
  • 5. Train to form a better relationship between both Marketing and Sales teams

What Channels Should You Use for Lead Nurturing?

The most common Lead Nurturing channel is the EMAIL. You get the complete way to clinch with your audience by getting their email addresses.  You can also use paid advertising as your Nurturing channel. This includes forming custom audiences within your leads list and retargeting them with social media ads or display ads.

Every B2B Marketer out there is looking for higher conversion rates and increased engagement, adding the nurturing plan in your ideal workflow can really work out for you.

Here are the best ways to carry out your Lead Nurturing process that attracts, converts, close and delights your audience.

  • 1. Have a keen understanding of your sales cycle
  • 2. Find out your target audience
  • 3. Set goals for the campaign
  • 4. Be updated with trends
  • 5. Build your Lead Nurturing workflow
  • 6. Subject line matters
  • 7. Relevant content is must
  • 8. Map your content
  • 9. Test the campaign before launching
  • 10. Start collecting the data form various platforms
  • 11. Have a strong exit strategy
  • 12. Analyze the results

Now you must be thinking of the practices for the developing Lead Nurturing process

So as we are now familiar with the goal of Lead Nurturing, that is to build up a relationship with a lead before pushing a sale onto them. It’s important to note that these leads are still looking into information and doing research before connecting with you.

Here are some of the best practices for your Lead Nurturing Campaign.

  • 1. Personalization
  • 2. Landing Pages
  • 3. Nurturing Content
  • 4. Educate according to the buyer’s journey
  • 5. Re-engage when necessary
  • 6. Create content around consumer pain points
  • 7. Track every record

Some important stats revealed about Lead Nurturing

According to the American Forrester report, 20% of marketers experience an increase in sales opportunities from Nurtured vs Non-nurtured Leads. The research also shows that companies that use Lead Nurturing as their basic practice generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost. Also as per the Gleanster report of San Francisco, about 74% of top-performing companies use automated Lead Nurturing.

Building a strong Lead Nurturing strategy can help you in terms like:

  • 1. To generate more revenue and improve your basics.
  • 2. Setting up your sales team for success with great connect rates.
  • 3. Find out what obstacles are arising in your leads from becoming customers.
  • 4. Make trust with your customers that signifies, your leads are more likely to buy.

It’s always crucial to view Lead Nurturing as more than just what the website provides. Nurturing leads over time and forming relationships produces jointly the great results. On average, companies that form great relationships produce 20% more sales than companies that do not use Lead Nurturing in their process.

Benefits of using Lead Nurturing practices from VSynergize

  • 1. Increase ROI
  • 2. Increase in Sale Productivity
  • 3. Shorten your Sales Cycle
  • 4. Align Sales & Marketing

All together VSynergize turns Leads into Sales by serving them the right content at the right time.

  • 1. Help  nurture beyond Email
  • 2. Understand buying patterns
  • 3. Nurture leads at every stage
  • 4. Track the record
  • 5. Measure all the effectiveness

Finally, the entire role of Lead Nurturing is to effortlessly drive and simplify the lead process through the marketing funnel so you can easily reach your target audience. Consider all these steps and practices while implementing your Lead Nurturing plan and grab more sales-ready leads and prospects for your business. Need help in getting started with your Lead Nurturing plan and process? VSynergize is one of the best partners in providing the ultimate Lead Nurturing services and master in developing relationships with your customers, at all stages of the sales funnel. Connect us for more details on 855-203-8196 or email at