Do you know what is the first step to building a successful new business? Well, to have a  robust database is the answer. But are you aware that with time the contact database degrades and you need to renew it. B2B marketers have this responsibility of constantly adding fresh new contact data and email lists. This happens as people might change their phone numbers, company and email addresses with time. To make your business grow gradually you need to have an updated contact base and email lists. Read the blog till the end to know email list building tactics and have strategic business growth.

What is an Email list? 

Email list as the name suggests is a collection of email addresses that a company has either through the emails that customers have submitted or by subscribers who opted to receive information and updates.

Why is Email list building so important?

According to a research study,“There are 4 million email accounts worldwide which is 3X times and 15X times more than Facebook and Twitter respectively.” B2B marketers understand the importance and effectiveness of emails.

Also it has been found that Facebook updates or promotions are seen by 6% of the overall audience. In comparison to this email open rates are around 30%. This concludes that messaging through emails is 5X more likely to be seen than that of Facebook. All these statistics are proof of the effectiveness of emails and this is why email list building tools are so important.

How do I grow my business Email list?

Growing B2B email lists isn’t as difficult as it might seem. There are many email list building strategies through which you can grow your B2B email lists. In fact if you are struggling with email list building you can opt for B2B email list providers as well. Also below we have mentioned some of the best creative ways to build your B2B email marketing lists.

1. Create Impressive content

As you know, email lists for sale degrade with time due to unsubscribers and changed email addresses. But What can you do about it? Well, you can create compelling, informative and educational content. Try to provide value to your subscribers, this will not only help to retain them but keep them interested.

You must write impressive and interesting email content which makes people look forward to what’s next. It will keep your subscribers engaged as well as add more subscribers to your email lists. You can also insert images and infographics in your emails to make them look more visually appealing.

2. Craft a personalized CTA for each blog

Oftentimes, people might stumble upon your blog content while searching and gathering information. You can use this traffic of people to increase your email lists by adding a personalized CTA button. People are most likely to subscribe to your email marketing list if they find your content interesting and engaging.

You must add an enticing CTA button which offers something of value to your visitors such as E-books or guides. You can write on the CTA button, “ Click here to download a free business building strategy kit”. This way more people will subscribe to your business email lists.

3. Create pop-ups for each page of your website

Many people may visit your website but leave without providing any information if you don’t ask for it. Well, the easiest way to get contact details of a visitor is through pop-ups. After a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your website you can bring up a pop-up. To avoid making these pop-ups look annoying make sure that they are relevant to your webpage.

Also ensure that these pop-ups don’t come immediately after a person opens your website. As this may piss off the visitors and they may close your website instantly. Let the visitor spend some time as this will let you know that the person is genuinely interested. Then, if you time a pop-up most likely the visitor will fill it up.

4. Run a contest or promotion

Undoubtedly, people love to win free gifts and offers. You can conduct contests and to stand a chance of winning you can ask people to share their email addresses. This you can simply use to your advantage to grow your business email lists.

There are different sorts of contests that you can run such as; A Photo contest where people can share their best travel, food, wildlife and selfie photos, a video contest where people can share funny or unique videos or a contest where people just have to enter their email address to participate.

The best way to get your target audience on your email list is to offer prizes that are related to your business. For example, if you have a business of selling sneakers, you can offer the latest sneakers in the line of your products to the winners. You can even look for many cheaper and relevant prizes such as coffee mugs or some cash giveaways. Running a contest is a great way to gather email addresses of your target customers.

5. Add a sign-up option with your employees’ signatures

For business and official purposes employees’ signatures go to different places and to many people. You can hyperlink the employee’s signature with a signup option. Doing this you can get more subscribers to your email lists.

Employees’ signatures are something which one can’t ignore. If people find what you have to offer interesting then they are most likely to click on the link. By providing a direct sign-up option you make it easy for people to receive updates and information from you.

6. Add a CTA button on your Facebook business page

Nowadays, social media has become a huge marketing hub. People use social media quite often and they also look up different business profiles. Before making a deal with a business people usually go and check up their business page. Not only this, people who are your existing clients also see your Facebook profile.

There are many people online who may visit your Facebook business page. They might find your content interesting and may exit directly from there. By adding a CTA button to your Facebook profile that lands on the sign-up page can help increase your email lists.

7. Share Newsletter previews on your social media profiles

Posting regularly on social media profiles of your business is important. It is a way to keep your followers and your existing customers updated about your activities. You can also share the snippet of your email newsletter on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

It is a great way to attract your audiences and make them provide their email address to you. Once people see the preview of the newsletter they would want to know and learn more about it. You can link the sign-up page with the social media posts so that people can easily and quickly subscribe to your list.

8. Use swipe-up feature for sign up

You can use the swipe up feature on your Instagram and Facebook stories. You can add a link which takes the users to your sign up page by swiping up on the story. It is a good feature to make people share their email addresses.

In exchange to people’s email addresses you can offer them free trial or ebooks etc. This way you can gather more subscriptions to your email lists. Swipe-up is an excellent feature and is very easy to use for the viewers. With offer and blog stories you can add the swipe up button so as to lead people to provide their email address.

Summing It Up

For a business to grow it is very important that it’s connections are far spreaded. To have connections it is vital to have a fat contact list with numerous email addresses and phone numbers. While collecting email addresses and contact info might sound like too much hard work. But with the right understanding you can learn the fundamentals of attracting people and growing your business email lists. In this above blog, we have discussed various ways to build your email lists and lead your potential customers to the sales funnel.

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