How to create an attractive webinar for your audience  and convert it into hot leads

Fast growing companies have been generating leads via webinars for long now, but there are many who don’t believe so. Webinars are a great way to break the cyber ice and connect you with prospects while engaging with new leads. According to a study by, 73%  marketing and sales leaders stated that hosting a webinar is one of the best ways to generate quality leads.

While a webinar is a great marketing tool to generate high-quality leads, the webinar needs to be highly relevant to your target audience and the marketer needs to find a way to capture these leads effectively by following up with the right content. Many marketers create webinars that deliver little or no value, or they don’t know how to create webinars that turn leads into ready-to-buy opportunities.

There are two aspects of producing a webinar – the technology, and the content; both presenting unique challenges. Here is how to can get your webinar up and running:

Choose a compelling topic and an irresistible title

The first step is to choose the right topic for the target audience, that is solution oriented. The webinar title should have a hook to it. A title so irresistible that your target audience cannot not register at the first instance. Your audience won’t sign up for plain knowledge, but will join in for action that will help them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Choose the Right Speakers

Your presenter should not only be knowledgeable, but also an engaging speaker. Think back to the last boring in-person presentation you attended. Make sure the speaker is lively and engaging to listen to.

Create a webinar landing page

For registration conversions, you will need a kickass landing page to drive traffic to. The page needs to get them excited even before they attend the webinar. Include a contact form which asks for minimum information, as extra fields result in losing 5% of registers. Run A/B tests which will help you to optimize your messaging and maximize conversions. Distinguish your call-to-action as it is an important part of your lead generation efforts.

Create a valuable webinar content

Webinars are a bit less engaging that face to face presentation, hence you need to put in more efforts to hold your attendees attention. Your presentation should strengthen and emphasize the points you intend to make and not the actual script it self – a mix of images, quotes, headlines will anchor your presentation. You should deliver enough value for them to remember you and become raving fans of the content.

Set up and schedule your webinar

You’ll need to schedule your webinar about 30 days in advance to give you time to promote it.  One of the main investments you need to make is a good webinar hosting solution that will brand your webinar. The size of your company and your attendee list will dictate how robust the tool needs to be. You can add elements that enhance your webinar like polls, surveys, chat rooms, whiteboards, and most importantly make sure that your webinar runs smoothly.

Promote your webinar the right way

Creating your webinar content is half the battle and other half is promoting the webinar.  You need to build curiosity and give people a reason to register and discover something new. You should ideally use a multi-channel approach to promote your webinar, for example: your email list, your website/blog, your social media accounts. The majority of signups will come from your list of leads, as well as those of whomever you partner with. Use your owned media channels which is your website and your social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

Webinar execution

Getting registrations to attend your webinar can be challenging. Encouraging them to stick around to the end is even harder. During the webinar, use interactive elements and tools to get insights about the attendees. This is another cue to get your lead generation number up if done properly. Prepare a plan of action to keep your audience engaged and hand out the proper information at appropriate points of the discussion. Keep a plan ready for any scenarios to avoid losing out on the valued audience and leads.

Follow up with your attendees       

After successfully completing your webinar, next step is to follow-up.

Send a thank-you email: After your prospects have successfully attended the complete webinar, they definitely qualify as valued leads. Use the email as a way of delivering content to further encourage them to engage with and eventually convert.

Send a link to the webinar recording: A few days after the webinar, send out the link to a recording of the webinar. This helps in letting them revisit the discussion for viewing or any clarity. Use this also as an engagement tool to showcase upcoming webinars.

Webinars have proven to be a successful driver of leads and sales. If you are uncertain on how to scale your webinar for business, VSynergize, one of the leading webinar & promotion companies can guide you to make a breakthrough in your webinar marketing strategy. Contact us today via email at or +1-732-481-9424

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