Are you looking for more effective ways to generate qualified B2B leads? Well, most likely you must have implemented your best B2B lead generation strategy. But if you want to make more high-quality B2B leads then we will tell you how to do it. You must be using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns to target high-value accounts. But by applying certain strategies and tactics you can generate more ABM content syndication leads. Read the blog till the end to know the best ways to conduct the ABM content syndication program.

ABM Content Syndication To Generate B2B Leads

B2B Content syndication is the process of publishing content that has been already published on your website to third-party websites. There are many benefits of B2B content syndication such as it helps you to reach out to expansive audiences and increase credibility. We have given below some ways following which you can generate B2B leads through ABM content syndication.

1. Know your target segment

If you are using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) then you must be knowing your target audience. You must have identified their demographic parameters such as age, location, professional background, and responsibilities, etc.

To generate leads from ABM content syndication you need to know and understand your target segments. You need to know what their goals, needs, aspirations, and pain points are. Knowing what struggles they are facing you can tailor the content accordingly.

You should also try to know where the particular prospect is in the buying journey. What problems and struggles they are facing at that stage of the sales funnel. You should try to know what communication channels they prefer to use and target them accordingly.

2. Use Personalized Content Strategy

The next and most essential step is creating impressive and compelling content. If you have done enough research then till now you must have got to know what problems and doubts your prospects have. You can publish high-quality content and address their needs and offer solutions to the problems they are facing.

You can check what content like the blog posts, ebooks, or tutorials are getting the most engagement. Then, you can build a content strategy accordingly. You can write different sorts of content in attractive formats such as infographics, videos, and animations, etc.

You can host webinars, online sessions and then summarize the key points in the blog at the end. You can also create infographics to highlight the main points of the whitepaper. Using the existing content in different and impressive formats can help you to expand your reach.

Make sure that the content you are publishing caters to the different stages of the buying journey. Try to identify topics and formats that are relevant to the prospects of that particular stage of the buying process. For example, for the Top of the funnel leads, awareness content and blog posts are a good choice. On the flip side, case studies and testimonials are perfect for the bottom of the funnel leads who are close to making the decision.

3. Choosing the right B2B Content Syndication platforms

Social media and blogging platforms are not enough for ABM content syndication strategy. You must identify the high authority websites which your prospects are most likely to visit. You can also read the reviews of their existing clients to see if they have succeeded in lead generation.

Try to look for B2B content syndication services that provide you access to intent data. Intent data can help you to provide valuable insights and you can know what your prospects are searching for. You can even identify the leads that are looking for similar solutions. Try to search for B2B content syndication services that have APIs so that you can integrate them with your marketing automation and lead management platforms.

4. Use Search Engine Optimization

If you are worried that publishing duplicate content would take your traffic away and affect your SEO strategy. Then, let me break this misconception of yours. There are ways through which you can ensure that your website traffic isn’t diverted. You have to make sure that your syndication partner uses the “rel=canonical” tag for posting your content. This tag helps to create canonical links and points that help to connect to the original source of the content.

5. Build a lead nurturing strategy

You might get high-quality leads through the ABM content syndication strategy. But if they don’t get converted then what’s the point of it? You should develop a strong lead nurturing strategy to nurture those leads. Make sure that your sales reps follow up with the prospects and answer their queries. You can also use automated email campaigns to follow up with the prospects and maximize the ROI of your ABM content syndication campaign.

6. Analyze and Measure

Making and implementing an ABM content syndication strategy won’t lead you to success. You need to analyze and identify what works for you. You should assess the quantity and quality of the leads that you get through the different content syndication platforms. Also, see how many of those leads actually get converted into customers. Knowing and understanding these aspects will help you to make informed decisions and improve your ABM content syndication strategy.


To generate high-quality leads you must incorporate content syndication into your Account-Based Marketing(ABM) strategy. Apart from that, you must ensure that your content strategy caters to the prospects of all stages of the buying journey. For content syndication, it is important that you select the right content syndication platforms. Afterward, you should analyze and measure how many leads are generated and getting converted from the particular channel. By doing this you would know what’s working and what’s not working for your ABM content syndication leads strategy.

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