Do you know that your prospects are out there right now, hunting for a solution to a problem you can solve. They’re searching online, learning about options to relieve their pain points, and forming opinions about solutions. So how do you find them? How do you ensure that they stumble upon your business solution?

Intent Data can help you get into your prospect’s radar. Intent data is behavioral information collected about an individual’s online activities, combining both topic and context data, which further helps marketers connect various elements of a user’s online activity to gain perspective on the relationship between motives, topic searches and buying.

According to Demand Gen Report on State of B2B Intent Data 2018, only 25% of B2B companies said they currently use intent data and monitoring tools, while 35% said they plan to use intent insight within the next 12 months. The interest is being driven by the increased flow of successful cases from marketing and sales teams that are using intent data to deliver campaigns only to prospects that are likely to engage and connect with the right stakeholder within target accounts and consume content based on topics that they are interested in across the web.

Intent data gives B2B marketers the ability to more clearly connect data to marketing programs. However, most of these marketers are only using intent to identify in-market accounts and prospects. The biggest value of intent lies in what comes next – how does a B2B marketer turn buyer intent into action

# Personalized website experience for new visitors

After you identify visitors on your website and track the pages they view, you can use web personalization to serve customized content to incentivize them to take a specific action. In most scenarios, anonymous personalization is a means to encourage visitors to identify themselves via a form fill so marketing and sales can engage with them.

#More Efficient Prospecting

Your sales team can more successfully determine which online searchers are just conducting superficial queries, and which ones have a genuine and active motive to find a remedy. By identifying qualified prospects more accurately than you can through traditional lead scoring models, sales reps make fewer wasted calls.

#Create Useful and Relevant Content

By recognising the correlation between topics and context, your team can develop more on-point content to attract the right people. Prepare articles, whitepapers, eBooks and videos that answer the primary questions posed by targeted prospects through search engines. Improve your search engine optimisation and attract people that need the information and solutions you provide. You can also personalize your digital advertising and email campaigns based on the motives, concerns, emotions and needs of individual prospects. Target people within the same company based on distinct job functions and titles.

#Better Predictive Capabilities

Unlike manual lead scoring processes, intent data allows you to better predict the path a prospect takes to arrive at a purchase. With predictive power, you can design your content marketing strategies and on-site experiences to align. If they’re clearly interested, you want to strike while the iron is hot.

The power of intent data is clear in the current marketing climate. Are you ready to leverage it much than your industry competitors?  VSynergize can help you grow your contact database, maintain data integrity and reach your ideal buyers. We are proud to be a B2B data vendor that meets your expectations. With profile selection options, geographic targeting capabilities, detailed firmographic and technographic data, our B2B data source is what you need.

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