As you know prospects won’t walk up to your office and close a deal. Right? Isn’t it. You need to reach out to them and convince them that you are the best out there in the market. Nowadays people spend a lot of time surfing on the internet looking for solutions to their problems. The best way you can use it to influence your target market is through digital platforms. But how will you do that? The answer is by accessing the buyer intent data you can reach the leads before your competitor does. Sounds interesting. To know more about how you can leverage intent data in Account Based Marketing keep reading.

Intent Data: Why and Sources?

Intent data has enhanced the ways of Account Based Marketing platforms. Instead of telling the customers what you are selling you need to know what they want first. For knowing this you need to interpret the signals that they are sending online. According to research, “81% of all customers perform pre-sale research.” You can see what content topics they are searching for and viewing. Based on the online behavior and action of users you can link the prospects to your Account Based Marketing strategy.

Intent Data Sources

There are many intent data sources through which you can know your potential customers. The digital footprints that users leave online in search of their answers are as follows:

  • Website visits
  • Subscription to updates and newsletters
  • Content viewed
  • Case study and whitepaper downloads

You can early on collect this intent data and analyze it to know your potential buyers. If you want intent data easily and quickly then you can also buy intent data from the intent data providers.

Benefits of Intent Data in Account Based Marketing

You can power boost your Account Based Marketing strategy with the help of Intent data. Below we have mentioned the benefits of Intent data in Account Based Marketing.

1. Demand Generation

Intent data can help in demand generation as your marketing team can plan according to your target accounts. You can easily prioritize the accounts based on the stage at which they are in the buying journey. You can decide the budget for different stages and create personalized ads and emails as per the interests of prospects. Intent data helps you to know what your prospect is interested in and looking for. Then, you can plan and target them accordingly.

2. Create A Better Content Marketing Strategy

You can create great content and still not get the desired results. For this, it is important that you know what type of content your audience is liking. Once you know the likes and preferences of your target market you can tailor your content marketing strategy accordingly. You can create different types of content as per the stages of the sales funnel. The more personalized and relevant your content is, the higher will be chances of securing deals.

3. Lead Generation

Account Based Marketing Services are a good way to generate leads. However, if you want to drive in the flow of leads then you must opt-in for personalization. Using intent data you can know your prospective customers and create your lead generation strategy suitably. You can partner with an intent data provider that will help you to target specific accounts based on intent. It will also help you to lower the cost-per-lead (CPL) as well.

4. Improved ABM strategy

The success of the ABM campaigns depends on how it is executed. Analyzing and understanding intent data can help you to choose the right marketing channels for your ABM strategy. Intent data can become the guiding way for your marketing programs with clear objectives. You will better be able to understand your prospective customers and which channels they prefer.

Intent data also helps to prioritize the account-based leads of your ABM partners for higher revenue. The success of different ABM programs will inspire your marketing team to work more dedicatedly.

5. Reach Customers easily

The major benefit of intent data is that you can monitor the search activity of the accounts. You can know which prospects are searching and looking for solutions like yours. You can know which of your competitors are being searched. This will help you to enhance your offerings and make custom efforts to target your audience effectively.

You can examine the customer behavioral data and identify the prospects that are ready for the sales pitch. You can also know where your potential customers are in the buying process and target them with relevant and personalized ads.

Summing It Up

Intent data can help you to get in front of your potential buyers when they are in the searching stages. You can use this predictive data to reach your prospects even before they find your landing pages. Gone are the old days when people used to search and reach out to solutions and businesses. Now customers have got a lot of options to choose from and they have become a priority. Intent data-driven marketing can help you to discover new prospects and get great results.

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