B2B database is the fuel for the sales and marketing team. It is the backbone for carrying out all the marketing campaigns.But for your marketing activities to work it is important that you have an accurate and updated B2B database. Nowadays, many advanced technologies have come up such as AI that can help stack your database.There are many ways through which you can enrich your B2B database.Read the blog till the end to know the best ways to refresh your B2B contact database.

What is B2B Contact Database? 

B2B contact database is the information and details regarding other businesses and the key decision makers. It is the list of individual contacts with different data points that can be used by the sales and marketing team. There are different types of B2B data such as Intent, firmographic, demographic, technographic and chronographic etc.

What are the sources of B2B data?

As you know  there are different types of data and so are the sources to find them. Some of the B2B data is readily available while others are difficult to search and find. We have mentioned below some of the best sources of B2B data that can help you to enrich your B2B database.

Social Media

In the past few years social media has gained a lot of popularity and importance. It is very likely that your prospects will have social media presence on different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube etc. LinkedIn is a platform which most of the professionals prefer. You can use it to get your prospect’s information such as contact details, email addresses and demographic information etc.

You can get valuable information from social media and see what they are actively posting. It can also help you to know what content they are engaging with and their interests. You can use the search option by putting different filters and find the prospects that fit your Ideal Customer Profile.


Websites are a great way to refill B2B database. You can publish blogs, whitepapers and e-guides. This will help attract visitors to your website and you can then ask them for their email and contact information. You can also use different website tracking tools or gated content to get the basic contact details of your prospects.

B2B Database Providers

If you want to cut the chase and save time, then you can purchase data from B2B database providers. B2B data provider companies collect the data from the web and have an existing database.You can source the data from B2B data provider companies based on their pricing and quality. There are many best B2B data providers out there, you can check their reviews and go for the best one.

Ways to refresh your B2B contact database

For sales and marketing teams to work effectively it is important that your B2B data is updated and accurate.Your B2B data is directly related to the B2B lead generation results that you get. Below we have mentioned some of the best ways to refresh and enrich your B2B database.

1. A Systematic and Frequent Check 

One of the best ways to ensure that your sales and marketing efforts are not going in vain is to check your data. It is a lengthy and time consuming process but it can help you a lot. You can inspect if the lead is active or inactive and based on that you can update your contact database. Instead of you losing out money and time on the inactive leads,it’s better that you remove them beforehand.

Doing manually lead-by-lead verification process isn’t worth it and if you don’t have a team then it will take ages. The other alternative is to opt for B2B database providers companies that have affordable pricing and reliable service.

2. Overhaul and Align your Database

You can undertake a complete overhaul of the leads list and align your contact database.As you know that cleaning up the entire data is going to take time anyways. This is also an opportunity for you to realign the database based on the business priorities and needs.It will help your sales and marketing team to prioritize and target the leads at the right time.

You can also check the content marketing stuff that is not delivering good results and put them in the trash. To rebuild your database from the scrape, you would have to carry out a full fledged B2B lead generation campaign. No doubt creating a complete new database would cost you quite a lot.

3. Segment and analyze your data

You can’t enrich and refresh all your B2B data in one go.The best way to go about it is to segment all your data and then analyze it. Consider your B2B database as a stack and divide it in small building blocks of data. Take each data block and verify, enrich and validate it. This way your sales and marketing teams would have the data to work on while your remaining data is getting refreshed. Data is something that quickly changes and therefore it is important that you carry out the data enrichment process frequently.

The Bottom Line

B2B contact database is important for conducting successful marketing campaigns. For your sales and marketing team to perform best and effectively, it is vital that they have a precise database. You might have noticed that you run an email marketing campaign but suddenly the bounce rate has increased. It is due to the fact that B2B contact data information keeps on changing. Often people change their email address and company. Therefore, it is necessary that you check and enrich your B2B database frequently. If it is not possible for you to do it inhouse then you can hire data providers for B2B sales teams.

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