The advancement of the Internet, Digital Technologies, and Social Platforms have modified the way consumers make their buying decisions.

As a sales rep, you might always be trying to find innovative ways to stand out from your competitors to grow your sales numbers. Each month, the sales targets may be different but the goal remains the same: to meet and possibly, fly beyond those targets irrespective of the market conditions.

Not surprisingly, sales personnel often find themselves scouting for sales opportunities outside the conventional grounds of the sales function. Most of the time, marketing leads are their first go-to. So according to the sales reps, MQL is a lead that is more likely to convert into sales than other leads or prospects.  When a customer goes to your website, your lead intelligence unit can stipulate whether the lead is marketing lead or not, just by observing which pieces of content the viewer has looked over a period.

Identifying a Marketing Qualified Lead is critical to your start-up success. Some of these leads will turn out to be your long-term business partners, while others may just be window-shopping your products. Thus, it becomes important to not just estimate the right marketing qualified lead, but also have a predetermined estimate of the business they may bring. Not to forget: This analysis needs to come with a minimum of time and effort in employment.

Tips to identify the MQL Lead:

  • Checking historical behavior
  • Getting customer feedback
  • Looking for trends
  • Finding your competitive edge

Why is MQL Important?

Higher conversion rates mean more quality sales and marketing processes, so you should try much harder ways as you can to improve not only your overall numbers but also the number of quality leads in your funnel.

If you really want your sales and marketing to be effective, both teams need to align their strategies and share the processes. MQLs are very valuable to the B2B marketing and sales pipeline that needs to run and be tracked so you know which marketing techniques and strategies are resulting in higher revenue.

MQLs are highly valuable as they are more focused on quality than quantity. Also, it’s better to have a small group of highly qualified MQLs with high purchasing power rather than having a bundle of mildly interested inquiries in the queue.

The Benefits of Implementing MQLs

  • Don’t waste time and effort
  • Improved sales workload
  • Better alignment for sales and marketing teams
  • Improved content marketing
  • MQLs help to set your priorities

In short, MQLs are warm prospects who are not ready to make a purchasing decision yet—and lead nurturing can help you turn up the heat. According to DemandGen Report, 89% of marketers use lead nurturing programs as part of their Demand Generation strategy in their business process model.

Best practices to heat up your MQL nurturing efforts & reinvent your MQL strategies.

  1. Determine what qualifies as a qualified lead.
  2. Have a keen understanding of your target audience.
  3. Create magnetic content.
  4. Track the workflow and quality of your MQLs.
  5. Know where your leads stand in your sales funnel.
  6. Nurture and follow up.
  7. Audit your existing content for repurposing opportunities.
  8. Refine your funnel.
  9. Try investing in marketing automation software.
  10. Lead Score Process Audit.

Leads are dynamic and their needs change over time. Nowaday is not only about pitching your product or services, but it’s also about offering client services and helping consumers understand and figure out their problems with the services you are offering.

Tips to Nurture Marketing Qualified Leads:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Creating event-based workflows
  • Smart content strategy

Improving the Quality of MQLs in B2B Marketing

It’s the quality of the leads you drive down the pipeline—not the quantity—that determines whether or not your efforts will lead to improved ROI and successful conversions.

Whether it’s an MQL or an SQL, the higher the quality of those leads, the better they’ll perform.

With this in mind, marketers can leverage the unique insights gained through interactive content to better understand their target audiences, their prospects, and the quality of the leads they generate. With interactive content, marketers can connect prospects with content relevant to their interests and their location within the sales funnel.

Consumers seek out service providers that are well experienced, understand them and offer personalized services that evaluate their unique requirements. According to a HubSpot report, buyers shared that the three most important elements of a positive sales experience are a sales representative who:

  • listens to their needs,
  • isn’t pushy, and
  • provides relevant information.

At last, your marketing efforts aim to flood leads that have a high chance of turning customers. But without quality and effective lead nurturing, desired prospects will, unfortunately, slip through the cracks or find your competitor.

Also, almost all businesses can benefit from the identification and pursuit of marketing qualified leads. it thus ensures that sales reps are not just handed random numbers to toil their efforts, but they are pursuing high-quality leads.

These practices will lead you to an integrated marketing strategy, build relationships with your patrons, uplift marketing ROI and finally deliver your sales team with better quality leads. Looking to integrate more intent data into your MQL and Demand Generation strategies? VSynergize helps you keep your pipeline full of Marketing Qualified Leads. You can gain a competitive advantage and keep your brand top of the mind with your prospects even in times of panic. For any assistance reach us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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