Account-Based Marketing is gaining serious consideration nowadays. It has gone from niche to mainstream at breakthrough levels, and that means vendors, bloggers, and market research firms are fueling a comeback in account-based marketing’s popularity. ITSMA coined the expression in 2004 and B2B vendors have been doing this kind of marketing for years (but without giving it a name as Account-Based Marketing).

Getting everyone on the same page and preparing your assets for growth can be a bit challenging; but once you are ready with your plans, you see great results. ABM leads are capable of generating 50% more traffic in half of the cost sanctioned compared to other marketing campaigns. The ABM strategy promises a better return on investment to businesses if performed with the right approach.

B2B Marketers can form a road-map to execute their ABM strategies at scale. Check out the remarkable ways to higher your ABM strategy now.

Form a layered approach to ABM

This should basically be done at the very beginning during account selection. When you begin selecting accounts for your target audience, consider grouping them into 2-3 layers based on importance. Usually, the criteria for selection includes probability to convert as well as higher Average Selling Prices (ASPs).

Determine Dimensions For Segmentation and Targeting

Once you are ready with your lists, think about how you can separate those accounts according to their significance. Also check the segments by their industry, company size, tech stack, geographical region, or as per your desired criteria. When you have known the attributes for your targeted audience you will most keenly identify with, you can design communications and campaigns based on them.

Use Personalization to Increase Website Engagement

In a broad sense, personalization is exactly what it sounds like: creating spontaneous web experiences customized for each individual consumer. It leads to building a dynamically personalized, highly relevant website experience for your prospects based on their behaviour, location, profile, and other attributes. Using software to personalize the user experience is a great way to increase efficiency, web traffic, time spent on your site, and conversions and for Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Make use of Paid Ads to Reach Your Accounts Across the Web

Many leading social media platforms currently have the ability to allow you to target specific companies, titles, and leads in your database. On the far side of social media, you can also switch to content syndication vendors like Vsynergize Outsourcing to target leads only at specific domains. These are just some of the ways to “darken the skies” for your target accounts and reach your actual and targeted audience/prospect.

Additional tips for creating Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Recognizing & Examining Consumers & Target Audience according to the strategy

The account-based strategy is all about targeting the right prospects. The strategy should work towards developing potential customer personas which should precisely define the attributes, interests, work profile, company, pain points, etc. of your potential accounts. It will help you to target the right prospect and will also increase the chances of generating sales.

Go Personalized – Following Personalized Strategy

The marketing strategy needs to be defined properly in order to resemble specific audiences which can give you a great scope to generate their interest in your product or services. The personalized tactics need to be followed through the use of innovative methods like- content marketing, blogging, videos, etc. which works as proven methods to reach out to your target audiences.

Make Use of High-Value Profiles/Accounts

The high-value profiles or accounts of top-tier management can help in terms of highlighting your product to those people who might get benefitted from your service or product. This can be done by filtering the job profile, organization, experience, etc. to increase the awareness and relatability of your product which can definitely lead to sales. LinkedIn can be used adequately to follow this strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can be a killer strategy to target your prospects in a better way. Some of the tactics such as videos and blogs can direct the attention of your potential buyers in a more promising manner.


The above blog includes the various aspects and lists out some of the great tips on how you can use account based marketing services & tactics for generating sales faster for your business. As already mentioned, this approach is quite different from the hit and trial methods of traditional marketing and needs scalable efforts to generate effective sales in a shorter span of time. These strategies could really help you to multiply sales for your business like never before.

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