Traditionally marketers used quite a lengthy process to get data, evaluate it, go back for feedback and analyze quality leads. But as we grow in the competitive world it’s quite likely to get help from a B2B vendor or partner to accomplish these tasks.

The eternal success of your brand depends on a highly qualified  Lead pipeline. Being a B2B Marketer, you can guarantee the challenges the process can come across. As a salesperson, you also understand how frustrating it becomes when you don’t receive a sales-qualified list.

While checking or interacting with the list of vendors you simply can’t just make a deal with the first vendor you come across. Because the vendor that you partner with plays a role in your operations, and you have to be sure you can entrust it with an asset as valuable as your business.

Let’s just understand Data Generation is not just a one-step service – it’s the  combination of:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Telemarketing
  • Third-party Sources/Lists

Lead Generation is the primary driver of growth in data generation, and working with a B2B lead generation agency is a primary step towards accomplishing that growth.

We understand that associating with the right B2B Data provider agency takes time. It needs continuous interaction to roll out the necessary information and convince that your company is a good fit. As you find out the options, analyze your partner’s past industry experience and the outcomes that they have been able to deliver to similar companies. Have in-depth conversations and understand the people that you will be working with to make sure your partner and you are a good fit for each other.

These key characteristics define a great Lead Generation company to partner with. You may consider them when finding the right company to partner with. With so many companies out there claiming to be experienced lead generators, let’s just figure out how to find the right B2B Lead Generation company to partner with?

Below are some factors to consider:

  1. Knowledge of Lead Generation Strategy such as B2B Content Marketing
  2. Speed of execution
  3. Reliable Conversion Rates
  4. Having a Global Reach
  5. The Amount of Intelligence the tied up agency gives you
  6. Focus on Analytics

Here are a few more tips for framing and keeping a successful partnership.

  1. Define and explain your own objectives.
  2. Consider the other side.
  3. Talk to other small business owners.
  4. Find the right balance of quality and price.
  5. Continually revisit your supply chain.
  6. Build a trust-based relationship.

If you find a possible partner on your own or with someone’s recommendation, you will need to determine if the company is a good fit for your business. According to the research, you can ask vendors the subsequent questions to get a better sense of who you will be getting tied up with:

  1. The type of experience they have in the specific industry/sector?
  2. Do you have existing and long-term, B2B partnerships, and if yes, what is the average partnership length?
  3. What is your current client load?
  4. How have your services helped other business partners achieve growth, innovation or improvements?
  5. Try to know about their happy customers.
  6. Know the amount of work you are looking to shoulder.
  7. Fetch new ideas for your business.
  8. Get previous examples/references of clients.

We know that finding the best partner for your business is a bit difficult. To make all this simpler and effortless it’s important to analyze and understand all minor steps of your vendor that would be involved in the delivery process.  Also, you can team up with another visionary rather than going at it solo. Approaching these practices can help!

  1. Look towards those who you already trust

Building trust can take years. Getting customer testimonials from previous patrons can cut the time that it takes to develop true confidence in a partner in half.

  1. Do some analysis

It’s easy to sound good after hearing the best business pitch, but research about your partners before shaking hands and making a deal. Understand your potential partner’s work ethic can save you from major clashing and awkward situations and difficulties in the future.

  1. Make your goals clear

Make your potential partner understand all your core purposes and focus. Build major and minor goals, create deadlines, and check if it completes in a timely and organized manner.

  1. Attend B2B networking  events & conferences

Conferences are exceptional places to meet people who are just as eager to meet you. Networking events let you rake through less promising attendees and find the ideal partners, all within a short window of time.

  1. Find a partner whose skills meet yours

The right partner will have a strong skill set in areas where you may be lacking and vice versa. Not only having a partner with different skills helps your current business pursuit, but it drives you to improve in weaker areas and simultaneously master them, making the probability of success in future projects even greater.

According to stats of inbound report by Hubspot, the Lead conversion of a Data provider is beneficial for more than 70% of marketers. This means that the majority of marketers are aggressively hunting for leads. Tie up with a Lead Generation partner who will put in consistent efforts to generate leads that convert.

Also, remember not to rush. Take your time and find a partner that will help you in your long-term success. After checking all keenly about your tie-up partner you will move one step forward in confidence, knowing that your partner can assist you in obtaining low-risk and high-return. VSynergize is one such stop shop solution to your search. They focus on accelerating ROI by providing Lead Generation services that help fuel sales. Reach us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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