If you have a database of your potential customers you are on a good start; however, it is more important that you emphasize the structure and classification of such a list because it will eventually be the bombshell.

To acquire the best from your leads, you should initially understand that; all your contact however cannot get the same resources, and recognition; some can be highly prioritized, compared to others. Try sending notifications to your contacts in time according to their preference.

Also, an individual who does not show interest in buying your product or service at all. When a sales rep contacts a customer, and the customer has never heard of the company or the product then it is a cold lead. A cold lead can be nurtured to become a hot lead by putting in some effort. You just need to be sure that they are in your target market and have the same qualities as your previous customers.

Before you ask for anything in return, you should first present something. 

You can start offering something that your target audience can genuinely get benefit from. Offer them value based on their position in the business or their current situation. 

You can also help your recipients by adding a blog post, free ebooks, webinars, or some kind of freebie that they will find useful. 

Check out their company website or LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and see whether they are looking for a solution to a certain problem and try to connect them with someone that can be of help.

Difference between Cold Leads and Warm Leads

Cold Leads:

  • Doesn’t know you
  • Didn’t ask you to be contacted
  • Isn’t likely to make the purchase

Warm Leads:

  • Already known by you
  • Has expressed interest in you
  • Is more likely to make the purchase?

As this classification of leads seems to be the one that you are not so sure about the result of engagement with them, you can reduce the risk you will use on them by having profound responsibilities and consuming less of your time and sources on them.

A warm lead is a lead that has shown interest in your offerings either by following your company on social media, signing up to your email newsletter, as a referral from a friend or previous client, or by any other methods. The warm leads are in short the prospects who have shown interest in knowing and understanding more about your company and offerings, which are highly valuable than cold leads.

Keep an eye on the good marketing funnels which take this concept one step further; they highly create the desire for a product launch months before it occurs.

As your automated system keeps sending notifications to the various authorized websites and blog posts, your website cookies, your marketing channels, and other platforms by capturing useful information about the leads using backlinks.

The warm leads are the people that have already shown some kind of interest in your offerings either by visiting your website or by following your business on various social media platforms. These leads are more valuable compared to the cold or cool leads that have not shown particular interest in your offerings or your platform. 

An automated lead nurturing system will be needed to effectively get quality information about these leads for proper classification.

The other different category is Hot Leads which are the leads known as qualified leads. They are the best kind of leads as they are most likely to buy from you.

This kind of support and guarantee of the understanding of you and your service will not happen at once, for this, you will have to keep on engaging and racing your audience and grabbing their interest in patronizing you. They may also appear to be linked to prospective contacts such as their friends and contacts that will later require your offerings.

Also, a drip nurturing campaign includes a series of emails spread out over a certain time frame. Make an appropriate plan for your drip program, including the gaps between the emails or pitch. The basic plan is to make sure your emails are not any closer than six days, and not delayed by  45 days.

Check out and examine the methods that you can utilize to warm up leads and convert them into sales.

  1. Timing
  2. Pay Attention To Their Needs
  3. Check Up On Them
  4. Offer Valuable Business Advice
  5. Give Without Expecting
  6. Use Pre-Suasion and Retargeting
  7. Briefly Build Credibility
  8. Send Them Relevant Updates
  9. Change The Methods of Reaching Them
  10. Consider Your Prospects
  11. Use Your Best Pitch
  12. Pitch To Plenty Of Prospects
  13. Streamline Your Cold Emailing Process
  14. Send Them a Special Personalized Discount
  15. Mention A Reason For Your Offer

Warm and hot leads are most valuable, so we can’t debate the need to put all our efforts into converting them. Although the lead classifications have the potential to become Hot leads as well and eventually get converted.

Try warming up your cold leads; as they offer potential sales revenue that marketers can tap by just putting in a little more time and effort and by knowing them better.

VSynergize can help you in lead generation and nurturing services that can fine-tune your strategies and realign your targeting. Reach us now on +1-732-481-9424 or email at info@vsynergize.com

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