Our guide will help you create webinars that people want to join, help you drive attendees, and ensure you leverage the most out of this powerful tool in your marketing strategy for your adapting business.

How Webinars Can Benefit Networking During COVID-19

Are you still thinking of the fact that why an increasing number of professionals are relying on webinars as a means to get in touch with their existing and new customers?

So step on and understand the online webinars, meetings, training programs offer a golden opportunity to communicate and convey your messages across in real-time.

With the world facing a crisis, companies are keenly looking for ways to market their product and services. Even the government doesn’t have any other alternative other than focus on lives and livelihoods.

The webinar is one such way to reach out to their existing and potential customers effortlessly.

Webinars, Webcasts, and Web Conferencing similar platforms that include web-based, face-based, real-time networking, and collaboration. But all these platforms differ in terms of their purpose, size, scale, and actions. Thus, though they are similar, they are not identical.

Webinars and web conferencing are quite similar wherein they perform remote, live, virtual seminars, online conferences, or training web meetings with larger groups.

While web conferencing tools are best suited for meetings, webinar technologies are best suited to simulate physical classrooms and accommodate large groups of people across dispersed locations.

The platform involves instructors, the audience, and, ideally, real-time communication and thoughts sharing between each.

We still can’t forget the certainty that the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many of us to review how we run our businesses.

This includes a shift from in-person meetings to video calls, which have also been adopted by many networking groups to keep members in touch to support one another through this difficult time.

But you can also harness the power of video conferencing to showcase your expertise and generate leads through webinars. Our guide will help you create webinars that people want to join, help you drive attendees, and ensure you leverage the most out of this powerful tool in your marketing strategy for your adapting business.

For organizing webinars, all we need are your network systems i.e PCs, Laptops, etc; with a consecutive internet connection, speakers, and webcams for a face-to-face interaction of involved parties.

Online registration for webinars is quite easy as the organizers use an online webinar registration software to let attendees fill-up the form and confirm their participation.

Basically, most of the webinar platforms allow attendees to comment, ask questions, share their views (using polls) and engage. The differences among different types of webinar platforms are customization, features, and the number of seats allowed, which means differences in pricing.

Almost all companies will offer free trial versions.

Let’s learn some well known Webinar Platforms

  1. Adobe Connect
  2. Zoom
  3. BigBlueButton
  4. Livestorm
  5. Zoho Webinars
  6. GoToWebinar
  7. ClickMeeting

Reasons why Webinars should be considered and prioritized for your business

While thinking of planning your meetings or seminar, it’s important to keep in mind a lot of things, like booking a venue, managing the manual registration process, welcoming guests, serving them delicious menu during the break sessions, and managing the overall event effectively.

Try to get feedback from attendees via chat or emails after the webinar to track and understand the level of performance. Also, check out the following pointers for its consideration.

You can uplift your brand awareness through a webinar

Webinars help customers/attendees understand why they should opt for your services

Increase productivity and your event’s attendance levels · Develop high conversion rates and ROI

Build up a long-lasting relationship with your registrants

The benefits of webinars during the coronavirus lockdown

Webinars are web seminars – video presentations, often business-related – that allow you to share or learn knowledge through video software with anyone in the world.

They are a highly interactive form of marketing to build relationships and spread useful knowledge. Other benefits of hosting a webinar include:

  1. Building a network: Everyone who subscribes to your webinar can be an addition to your current network through platforms like LinkedIn and email newsletters.
  2. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy source: You are able to present yourself as an expert by providing trustworthy, reliable insider knowledge about your industry. The webinar platform allows you to share your expertise with your target market and provide solutions to their problems.
  3. Creating valuable content: Webinars can be recorded, meaning that you can save this content and send it out to participants after the session, or even edit the video into digestible chunks to post on your social media pages.
  4. Generating qualified leads: Webinar participants have already demonstrated an interest in what you are offering, making it easier to follow up and convert them.

This lockdown should stop you and your upgrading skills because it is important to focus on learning new skills during the lockdown.

Webinars help you reach and connect with a massive number of people around the globe and helps form the best networking for you and your brand. It is the best way to reach your ideal prospect, and improve your marketing skills.

Develop, Inspire, Galvanize

Vsynergize ensures that you meet the audience that your business seeks. Generation of interest, conversion of Leads to prospects, and ROI are the primary goals when we strategize our event marketing service offerings customized for your brand.

We combine our multi-touch, multi-channel capabilities with our years of targeted sales and marketing expertise.

For more assistance connect us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at info@vsynergize.com

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